• Our low carbon future depends on sustainable mining and, as a mining and metals business, you’re facing unprecedented pressure. Whether it’s delivering minerals for the energy transition, increasing transparency around ESG commitments, or improving efficiency while controlling operating costs – the complexity is mounting.

KPMG’s mining team helps you navigate these challenges across the project lifecycle, from exploration and production through to closure.

Drawing on deep sector expertise, we offer commercially sound support for all aspects of your business strategy – growth, performance, assurance, sustainability and integrated tax.

Areas we cover to support mining and metals companies

    Mining Operations

    Climate risk

    The shift towards sustainable mining calls for operational transformation.

    We understand drivers of value, operational processes, and how decisions are made at all levels of the organisation and across the asset lifecycle.

    We draw on our global mining experience and work with your subject matter experts to leverage their insights and knowledge.

    + KPMG Mining Operations
    + KPMG Project Delivery

    ESG and Sustainability

    ESG and Sustainability

    Mining and metals companies play a vital role in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. They’re also under pressure to minimise social impacts, deliver on ESG commitments and reduce carbon emissions to net zero.

    We help you understand what ESG means for your business – equipping you with the insights, advice and technologies to accelerate your sustainability journey.

    + Sustainability on the horizon
    + Decarbonisation and Net Zero



    As a mining and metals business, you can’t make deals in a vacuum. From deciding on business strategy to selling off assets, raising funds, or restructuring – you need to consider your entire business, sector, and the global economy.

    We combine global and local mining sector experience and advanced analytical tools – helping you make informed decisions.

    + KPMG Deal Advisory

    People and Change

    People and Change

    The mining and metals industry faces a rapidly changing strategic context where access to the right talent is the difference between surviving and thriving.

    From recruitment and operational management to retention and exit, we help you leverage the right data, tools and processes to unlock the potential of human assets and realise your strategic ambition.

    + A new dawn for human capital



    Geopolitics impacts minerals markets, and minerals markets impact geopolitics. Against this backdrop, the mining and metals sector is facing dramatic change – less demand for fossil fuels, more demand for critical minerals and increasing focus on ESG.

    We can help you navigate complexity and risk – providing tailored and practical roadmaps for success in uncertain geopolitical times.

    + Geopolitics and the Australian minerals industry



    Mining and metal businesses are under pressure to provide greater transparency over non-financial performance including ethical behaviours, human rights, social impacts, technology disruption and cyber security.

    We provide a holistic approach to align the risk framework and business agenda, especially as you prepare to drive sustainable growth in an environment where trust and credibility are critical to success.

    + KPMG Risk Consulting

    Audit and Assurance

    Audit and Assurance

    Australian mining and metal companies are dealing with complex operations – audit and assurance plays a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of financial reporting.

    As a trusted intermediary between providers and users of business information, we help you identify any potential issues and provide stakeholders – internal and external - with the confidence they need to make informed decisions.

    + KPMG Audit & Assurance



    The mining and metals industry is becoming increasingly exposed to complex changes in tax regulation – not just locally but globally.

    Our team’s understanding of global tax regimes, tax governance, mobility and specialist tax needs, will help you with strategic planning and decision making, meet your compliance responsibilities and communicate this to the markets and regulators.

    + KPMG Tax

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How KPMG can help address mining industry challenges

Decarbonising your operations

We help you understand industry benchmarks, assess your decarbonisation maturity, develop a roadmap and move quickly from commitment to action.

Find out more about KPMG's Decarbonisation Services >

Improving productivity

Increase volumes and reduce costs for mining companies already in operation.

Developing and implementing strategies

Growth, mergers and acquisitions, innovation, and operating models to drive value.

Understanding complex policies

Regulatory and policy changes (e.g. tax reforms, carbon pricing)

Expanding into Asian and African regions

Expansions require real expertise, insight and understanding of these regions, and their economic, business and regulatory landscapes to fully realise their growth ambitions, while managing sovereign risk issues.

Reacting to the changing price of commodities

Understanding how to react to the changing price of commodities through a greater understanding of the underlying cost drivers to enable closer alignment of cost to output.

Managing regulatory approvals and permits

Regulatory approvals and permits to develop, especially for companies with new project to fund and develop.

Preparing and planning for operations

Planning operations to ensure a smooth transition from design and construction.

Finding risk capital

Finding risk capital to invest into a high cost environment for new projects, particularly as the exchange rate starts to move around.

Preparing for increased automation

Increased automation planning and scoping, which will continue to emerge as a core focus and present a major operating shift for Australian mining companies.

KPMG Mining Operations

KPMG understands drivers of value in a mining context, operational processes, and how decisions are made at all levels of the organisation, and across the asset lifecycle.

We work with clients to ensure the business is set up for success and activity is in alignment to desired business outcomes.

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