KPMG contributes to policy decisions that shape the future of the Australian economy and community through our contribution to public policy development.

KPMG Australia, a leading professional services firm, is committed to meeting the requirements of all our stakeholders – not only the organisations we audit and advise, but also employees, governments, regulators and the broader community.

We strive to contribute to debates that are shaping the future of many sectors of the Australian economy and welcome the opportunity to contribute to public policy development through our participation in consultations, reviews and inquiries.

Gender equity

KPMG advocates for reforms and policy settings that promote gender equality in Australia. While women do half of all the work in Australia, they continue to face a gender pay, income and superannuation gap.

KPMG’s Gender Equity Series proposes policy settings aimed at shifting the dial in a number of key areas, including parental equity, superannuation, retirement security, childcare, and parental leave.

Building Australia’s international competitiveness

As Australia looks towards its economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to consider our competitiveness in the global market. Skilled migration, building our capability in areas such as FinTech, Reg Tech and Artificial Intelligence, and measures that boost productivity across the business community can all play a role in building Australia’s international competitiveness.