• Manufacturing organisations in Australia are confronting unprecedented challenges in a turbulent and uncertain business environment. KPMG works with many of these organisations, including paper and packaging, engineering, building materials, steel and fabricated metal products, and the machinery and equipment sectors.

Key issues for the Australian manufacturing sector:

  • ageing capital costly to maintain, slower in output and less efficient
  • outdated technology impacting growth and response speed
  • supply chain challenges including fluctuating commodity costs and freight disruptions
  • security and privacy at risk of cyber attacks
  • shrinking profit margins due to rising energy prices
  • changes to global accounting standards from July 2024
  • skills shortages across many business areas.

How KPMG can help

Our professional advisers assist clients with a range of key industry and business critical issues, including:

    ESG, climate change and sustainabilty

    Enterprise risk

    Mergers, acquisitions and asset disposals

    Restructuring and debt advisory

    Market entry, expansion and capital raising

    Operational efficiency and cost optimisation

    Supply chain rationalisation and global sourcing

    Investigating fraud and misconduct

    Tax planning, compliance, R&D tax concessions and grants

    Technology: Industry 4.0, cloud computing, system integration

    Big data, predictive data analytics, AI and machine learning

    Outsourcing manufacturing and other functions

Future of manufacturing

Industry 4.0: advanced manufacturing

Industry 4.0 combines technologies for smart manufacturing across an organisation to automate processes, create sustainable growth and innovation.

Learn more in our playbook, Industry 4.0: the Australian manufacturing advantage offering practical steps to help manufacturers build a competitive edge locally, and on the global stage.  

Sustainable manufacturing

According to our report Australian Manufacturing: Discover growth amid turbulence, CEOs are taking a proactive approach to societal issues, with a focus on human rights. Sustainability goals are also important in a sector that causes some of Australia’s highest carbon emissions.

Fortunately, technology within Industry 4.0 continues to evolve to support a sustainable value chain, improve operational and energy efficiencies and encourage a circular approach.

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