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Future-proof your supply chain with AI-enabled predictive analytics.

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Navigate your supply chain with greater precision

From global pandemics to geopolitical turmoil, leaders in logistics, procurement and operations are facing increasing difficulty with safeguarding their organisations against supply chain vulnerabilities.

KPMG Supply Chain Predictor provides you with end-to-end, real time oversight of your entire supply chain, while utilising predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to identify potential disruptions before they occur. By combining internal and external data points, our AI-enabled modelling engine greatly reduces risk by helping you proactively respond to supply and demand variability.

Benefits of KPMG Supply Chain Predictor

  • Predictive capabilities to enable better planning

    Through early detection of potential disruptions, proactively manage risk in your supply chain.

  • Remove the guesswork with a digital twin view

    Understand tangible differences as well as impacts on lead-time, Cost to Serve, inventory, service levels and risk.

  • No two supply chains are the same

    Fully customisable to your business and industry, with an intuitive and tailored user interface.

How does it work?

Supply Chain Predictor allows you to spot future supply and demand disturbances, and recommends mitigation activities based on financial impact and risk avoidance scenarios.

  • Survey questionaire

    Advanced scenario modelling

    AI-capability that enables better supply and demand planning by developing a range of alternative network scenarios.

  • Findings & maturity dashboard

    Intelligent forecasting

    Unlike other solutions in the market that use historical data, Supply Chain Predictor is future-focussed and is based on external real-time data and analytics.

  • Recommendations & roadmap

    Anomaly detection

    Real-time data sensing enables you to swiftly visualise and respond to potential risks and disruptions.

Case study: Ambulance Victoria

Hospital Overhead
From FMCG to the utilities sector, Supply Chain Predictor aids businesses operating across all industries who are faced with complex supply chain issues.

Ambulance Victoria provides emergency medical response to an area of more than 227,000 square kilometres – larger than Great Britain. Their main challenges are to ensure that an ambulance is available at any location within 15 minutes, that the right team and equipment are deployed for a specific accident, and that patients are taken to the nearest appropriately equipped hospital.

Supply Chain Predictor helps Ambulance Victoria attain vital insights into meeting critical response times, and directing patients to the right medical facilities based on clinical need, patient demographic, hospital services and wait time. Through combining a wide array of crucial data feeds, the solution allows Ambulance Victoria to predict demand and asset placement necessary by geography, and make better informed in-field decisions based on real-time data and predictions.

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