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A platform that’s right for you

Digital Platforms have challenged traditional business models. The rise of the platform economy, with global digital platform revenues estimated at US$3.8 trillion in 2019, demonstrates that platform businesses are key contributors to productivity and GDP, and catalysts for invention.

Our long-term investment in platforms at a global, regional and local level has led to offerings that comprise solutions, technology assets and specialised service and capabilities to help you solve your most critical problems in a holistic, business-led way.

We have leveraged the best of our alliance ecosystem along with our in-house data and software engineering teams to help solve clients' problems in a repeatable and affordable way. The outcome? Highly scalable, less costly, faster and high-quality technology platforms.

  • Assist in reducing risk and accelerating the delivery approach through high levels of repeatability and efficiency.
  • Industry process expertise and stakeholder understanding is codified into the platform.
  • Industry is in the driving seat – working together to configure and, where required, co-create to support new requirements.
  • Full call centre support, by industry specialists, whenever you need additional help.

KPMG Platforms powers tech solutions for you

KPMG Contract Manager

KPMG’s contract management platform solution harnesses our patented AI capability to allow you to interrogate digital scans, drive time efficiencies, navigate complexity and consistently update contracts based on changing legislation.

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KPMG Asset Intelligence

Gain actionable insights from your all of your assets data with KPMG’s Arwin Intelligent Data Platform and our deep industry insights. Leverage the emerging capabilities of industry 4.0 to better support the entire lifecycle of your assets.

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KPMG Powered Grants

Streamline your grant management process to ensure better outcomes for Australians through efficient and assured grants.

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KPMG Supply Chain Predictor

Make your supply chain future fit with AI enabled predictive analytics. KPMG Supply Chain Predictor allows you to navigate your supply chain with precision. It combines internal and external data points to allow you to proactively respond to supply and demand variability.

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KPMG ThinkPay

KPMG ThinkPay brings together a multi-disciplinary team across risk, assurance, workplace relations, law, tax and data analytics to assist your wage compliance.

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KPMG Water Central

Developed for Australia’s water sector, KPMG Water Central streamlines all your data sources to deliver a complete and cohesive picture of your water asset ecosystem in real-time, enabling you to make fast and informed decisions.

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