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KPMG Ignite is our innovative patented AI platform that brings together machine learning, deep learning and computer vision/language document ingestion. We apply these capabilities to structured and unstructured data, voice and images to enable you to achieve real value from your data and AI investments in a flexible, easy-to-use and secure environment.

Our platform enables rapid AI solution development and delivery by enhancing, accelerating and automating decisions and processes that drive growth, manage risk and optimise cost. Specifically built to work with a range of leading platforms including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Watson, Appian and a host of other leading open source AI tools, KPMG Ignite can help advance your digital transformation initiatives.

The features

KPMG Ignite includes a framework of methods, tools, approaches and resources that focus on improving the consistency, efficiency and time to make decisions and take action. We augment this framework with specialists who know how to apply relevant business domain knowledge to leverage these capabilities and continue to innovate on emerging technologies. With Ignite, we can offer:

  • Technology ecosystem: leading technology alliances such as GCP and Azure, combined with tested open source tools, libraries and APIs that we utilise to build and deliver AI solutions.
  • Technology platform: KPMG-built accelerators, patterns and tools that enable rapid AI solution development and delivery.
  • AI solutions: accelerate the design and build phases and enable extensive reusability.
  • Teams: Highly skilled resources that utilise the best tools and approaches to build best-of-breed, AI powered solutions.
  • Research, innovation and development: ongoing testing, support, prototype development and innovation on emerging AI tools and approaches.

The benefits

Enables humans to achieve and manage precise consistency.

Codifies the knowledge and insights of the most experienced subject matter experts into the AI platform and solutions.

 Reduces cost and development time needed to produce insights.

Increases accuracy through 100 per cent coverage versus traditional sampling approaches.

Increases transparency through audit logs that show how data has been processed.

The KPMG difference

KPMG Ignite combines KPMG accelerators, emerging tech specialists, sector professionals and strategic technology partnerships across the AI landscape with open source tech. This offers powerful value through advanced analytics, machine learning and beyond.