Yarra Valley Water (YVW) is the largest of Melbourne’s three water corporations. Its service areas cover 4,000sq km, and its network consists of more than 20,000km of water and sewer mains. Combined, its infrastructure and assets are valued at over $5 billion. While the organisation is widely considered a pioneer in the sector, it needed assistance in finding efficiencies and digitising its asset intensive operations.

Glenn Wilson, General Manager, Service Futures, Yarra Valley Water, and Phil Thornley, Data and Analytics, Emerging Technology Leader, KPMG, combined their teams’ efforts to accelerate the value that could be derived from YVW’s data, to solve for a range of current and emerging problems faced by the water industry.

We are excited to be working with KPMG on this new project. This collaboration and partnership approach is exactly how we want to work moving forward. We are creating a low-cost pathway for the water industry to share innovation and build on each other’s investments. Once development work is complete, KPMG will be providing the platform as a managed service to Yarra Valley Water, and also making it available to the broader industry both nationally and internationally.

Glenn Wilson
Service Futures, Yarra Valley Water

KPMG's asset intelligence solution

Our platform and asset intelligence solution provides Yarra Valley Water with:

  • a single, detailed view of all of the business’ assets, and the backbone of YVW’s digital vision over the coming years
  • accurate and timely visualisation of performance data related to networks, assets and works
  • proactive and efficient methods to improve decisions and processes relating to networks, assets and work lifecycles
  • the capability to automate manual tasks in the future.

KPMG’s water industry specialists combined with our engineering and asset management knowledge and insights, feeds into the development of this industry-specific solution by combining data, technology, functionality and security, to support YVW in making better decisions around how it manages its assets. 

The platform and industry specific technology solution allows the business to accelerate the value derived from data to solve a range of current and emerging problems faced by the water industry at large.

Innovation with KPMG Arwin Intelligent Data Platform

Arwin constantly learns from previous data sets, and can assist with delivering sustained improvements to preventative maintenance, impacting asset productivity, asset efficiency, and customer service. Both YVW and KPMG are committed to delivering innovation in the asset and distribution management domain, and then through the KPMG platform, sharing these benefits with the broader water sector.