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Developed for Australia’s water sector, KPMG Water Central streamlines all your data sources to deliver a complete and cohesive picture of your water asset ecosystem in real-time, enabling you to make fast and informed decisions.

KPMG Water Central is a system of insights, powered by KPMG’s intelligent data platform Arwin, that connects all your data sources to create a crystal-clear view of your business in real-time. As a result, it enables you and your team to visualise your entire water asset ecosystem, make more informed decisions and ultimately helps deliver better staff productivity and customer experience.

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Stay connected through a single-source of truth

KPMG Water Central is built for the water sector using industry datasets. Our flexible and modular system of insights is designed to integrate easily into your existing infrastructure to enhance the value of your customer, workforce and asset data.

In addition, KPMG Water Central helps give businesses the predictive edge required to solve immediate network operations problems, mitigate risk and impacts in the long term, improve decision-making and ultimately deliver a step change in customer experience.

Benefits of KPMG Water Central

Greater visibility made simple

Gain a single, rich view to enhance operations and make better decisions, with voice activation capabilities for real-time information delivery. Simply ask, “What do I need to know today?”.

Transform today to innovate for tomorrow

Technology that unlocks further value from existing platforms and systems of record, setting you up for successful digital transformation.

Do your most valuable work

Overcome data issues by delivering actionable insights to the right person at the right time to drive better business decisions and increase productivity.

Place your customer at the heart of your business

Identify customer impacts, monitor customer interactions associated with network operation state and detect anomalies in working equipment for an elevated customer experience.

Improve focus & prioritise to create impact

Use powerful geospatial visualisations to act on events before they become critical, improve response times and reduce environmental impacts in the long term with predictive modelling and risk management.

Quality data for greater productivity

Reduce duplication and the cost to poor data management, connect silos and increase transparency.

What is KPMG Water Central?

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Director, Industry Development, Platforms

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Tammy Falconer
Partner, Engineering, Assets & Project Delivery, Water Sector SME

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KPMG Water Central In Action

Yarra Valley Water (YVW) is the largest of Melbourne’s three water corporations servicing areas covering 4,000sq km with a network of more than 20,000km of water and sewer mains. Together, both the organisation’s infrastructure and assets are valued at over $5 billion. While Yarra Valley Water is widely considered a pioneer in the water sector, it needed assistance in finding efficiencies and digitising its asset-intensive operations.

KPMG Water Central provides Yarra Valley Water with:

  • A single, detailed view of all of the business’ assets and deliver the core of YVW’s digital vision over the coming years
  • Accurate and timely visualisation of performance data related to networks, assets and works
  • Proactive and efficient methods to improve decisions and processes relating to networks, assets and work lifecycles
  • The capability to automate manual tasks in the future

KPMG’s water industry specialists, combined with our engineering and asset management knowledge and insights, feed into the development of this industry-specific solution by combining data, technology, functionality and security to support YVW in making better decisions around how it manages its assets. The platform and industry-specific technology solution allow the business to accelerate the value derived from data to solve a range of current and emerging problems faced by the water industry. Challenges include siloed and disjointed legacy systems, outdated and inefficient manual processes or a lack of rich insights and visibility for potential risks.

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