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Asset intensive businesses can increase performance, manage risk, extend asset life and reduce costs across the whole asset lifecycle when all levels of the business can make better asset management decisions. A key factor in this is the ability to collect data from multiple sources and then to analyse and transform this data into decision-enabling information. 

Organisations need a central view of the current state of asset knowledge to break down siloed decision making and provide line of sight to maximise the asset’s value across its life cycle and deliver better customer outcomes.

Truly digitally enabled asset intelligence is not just about the technical considerations of assets. It requires an understanding of the performance, risk and cost implications, which in turn requires the integration of multiple data sources to allow decisions that maximise value for the business and stakeholders at all levels. We leverage digital twins to undertake discrete analytical processes and integrate them at business function and enterprise levels.

The benefits

Enhance the utilisation of data through a collect once and use many times method.

Provide a single view of business insights to allow decisions to made in context.

Increased value of decisions by understanding the outcomes of different options.

Faster actionable insights through digital twins and enterprise automated systems.

The KPMG difference

Developed and run on our Arwin Intelligent Data Platform, our Asset Intelligence tech solution combines KPMG engineering and asset management specialists with secure, accessible technology. This tech solution leverages the emerging capabilities of Industry 4.0 to support our clients in harnessing data to better manage their assets every day.

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