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Organisations struggle to turn silos of big data into insights surfaced to the right person at the right time to drive business decisions. Arwin, KPMG’s intelligent data platform provides businesses with a single view of all their business data to drive real time insights that can lead to operational efficiencies and better customer outcomes.

The quality of your business decision-making requires powerful contextualised visualisations that link multiple, disparate data sources to offer a real time holistic view of your organisation and any business challenges it might be facing.

Arwin – KPMG's intelligent data platform delivers fast, actionable insights and by integrating with some smart speaker technology, simply asking the question "what do I need to know today?" will offer you an immediate, information rich, deep and visual view of your entire business.

The features:
  • Monitors data processing to enable better, quicker decision making on real time alerts.
  • Predictive data analytics on impacts on operations and customer experiences across the entire business.
  • Support for workflow, case management and solutions for digitally enabled asset intelligence and supply chain predictions.
  • A bridge between current processes and systems to a new, truly digital-transformed business.

The benefits

Arwin – an intelligent data platform can be deployed to provide end-to-end functionality of a modern data platform; from data acquisition and ingestion, to storage, transformation and data quality and finally to high fidelity contextualised visualisations, that KPMG configures to directly solve your business needs.

On top of this, we codify our deep specialist industry process expertise into the platform to deliver benefits such as:

Easy and fast deployment by combining the platform with a library of tech solution templates with business domain specific functionality.

Enhanced customer experiences through advising on service issues and helping you improve time to resolution.

Reduced costs by improved use of sensor data in the network and AI.

Enhanced investments in current digital transformation programs and accelerated business outcomes from large scale technology programs.  

Improved efficiencies through more information-rich ways of managing operations and maintenance processes, assets and supply chain.

The KPMG difference

  • Our common data framework and data model accelerates the design and build phases and enables extensive reusability.
  • KPMG helps you jumpstart your delivery program through a fully automated environment and production grade from day one.
  • Our platform is built on a modern data architecture that is scalable to near infinite data volumes, cloud agnostic (also available on premise) and avoids vendor lock in.
  • We reduce the risk for the data solution by providing a design and delivery framework, a managed service support model and security from the ground up.

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