We help you get ahead of the change curve and manage the challenges and opportunities inherent in digital technologies.

Technology can drive innovation, transform your business model, open up new markets, create new sales channels, enhance customer loyalty and attract new customers. An organisations’ success relies on the development of a comprehensive technology strategy, one that can respond to the fluid nature of competing opportunities and risks.

Our technology services

We have leading specialists in the following areas:

Bringing together financials, operations, supply chain, sales, service, marketing and intelligence on one cloud platform.

Helping clients navigate the complex landscape of technology risk – risk identification, risk management, IT compliance and more.

Developing and implementing cyber security solutions that will protect your business from the harm of cyber threats.

Helping organisations align their technology capabilities with their strategic and operational objectives.

Enhancing your business potential through the analysis, assessment and implementation of proven technology solutions.

Data Advisory

Helping clients to harness the full potential of data, developing lasting data capabilities that underpin business strategy.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) & Data Management (DM)

Enhancing the value of data throughout its life cycle – modernising data delivery through frameworks and repeatable assets.

Building data systems that allow users and systems to find the information they need quickly and correctly, enabling real outcome.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning


AI and machine learning integration that enables clients to extract quantifiable business value from their data assets.

IoT implementation for faster data-driven decission making and enabling prediction of future events.

Intelligent Automation

Reinventing business processes through robotic process automation, process mining and image/voice recognition.

Cloud & Platform Engineering

Delivering innovative cloud solutions to unlock insights and support the digitisation of experiences, functions and processes.

Building solid IAM capabilities and governance process, protecting your customers and your business.

Realise the value of your digital transformation journey and create an operating model that drives productivity and exceptional client experiences. 

How we can help

At KPMG we help our clients navigate an increasingly complex technology landscape. We help our clients generate the confidence to make choices that can achieve growth and to better understand and manage the challenges and opportunities inherent in technology.

We understand that the pace and breadth of technological change can be daunting for both boards and management alike and, to this end, we provide clarity, direction and support.

We assist your organisation to make the most of technology’s advances as they relate to your customers, employees and shareholders. We help to embed robust strategic and operational improvements, including the transformation of your digital capabilities, design and implementation of contemporary operating models, and analysis and assessment of your technology systems to enhance your performance. At KPMG, we understand how to deliver true business value from current and emerging technologies. 

KPMG’s data and cloud transformation specialists collaborate with organisations to unlock the potential of digital and cloud technologies by removing the barriers to change. We help clients navigate advanced digital technologies and use advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, machine learning, cloud and data platforms as key enablers for success. 

At the same time, we work with you to mitigate and manage technology risks, whether this relates to governance issues around the use of social media or to guarding against the ever-evolving nature of cyber and information security threats. We can help your organisation to properly prepare for future shocks.

Our technology professionals have considerable experience in all industries and sectors, working with business and technical leaders across financial services, retail, technology, media, telecommunications, consumer markets, government, education and healthcare organisations.

We also draw on our extensive national and global resources to ensure our advice and offerings are cutting edge and tailored to each client’s unique needs. 

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