• Our climate change response

    In 2017, KPMG Australia set out its inaugural Climate Action Plan (CAP) 2018–2022, outlining our commitments to climate action and our roadmap to achieving net zero emissions by 2030, in line with KPMG International’s science-based target (SBTi).

Our new Climate Action Plan (CAP) 2023–2030 was developed in consultation with our people, KPMG’s subject matter experts and leading non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

It recognises the critical need to continue our decarbonisation efforts beyond our operations and into our supply chain and service offerings, to support our economy’s transition to a net zero future.

Our Climate Action Plan to 2030 sets out five commitments:

  1. Decarbonise our operations and supply chain towards net zero

    We commit to achieve a 50 percent reduction on our 2019 baseline across our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by 2030.

  2. Support our clients’ and Australia’s transition to net zero

    We will strengthen our client portfolio resilience to climate risk and support the decarbonisation of our clients across industries by 2030.

  3. Strengthen climate resilience with our people, clients and community partners

    We will amplify our people's knowledge and engagement on climate action, and collaborate with clients, community organisations, and NGOs on climate resilience.

  4. Advance our commitment to circularity

    We will implement new measures to ensure more raw materials are being reused and recycled by 2030.

  5. Understand and improve our impact on nature and biodiversity

    We will continue to support nature positive outcomes based on regeneration, resilience, and resource circularity.