The world is moving fast – citizens needs are changing.

How does the public sector meet the changing needs and expectations of citizens whilst navigating uncertainty?

How does policy and regulation need to change in response to emerging technology? 

How can the public sector achieve maximum impact on service delivery and systems?

  • Our team of specialists can help.

    We combine hands-on local experience with insights from our global network to support our clients across a range of specialist areas including commercial and financial advice to organisational and technology transformation – working with them to build a sustainable future for all.

Advisory services for every level of government

Federal Government

We work with the Australian Government delivering services that address the most complex challenges. We partner and support our clients with advisory capabilities – from commercial advice to economic modelling, financial management, program management, digital transformation and governance.

State & Territory Governments

We offer a range of services and advice to State and Territory Government helping them with delivery of services, balancing responsiveness with flexibility. From operational improvement to financial modelling, internal audit, risk management and technology transformation – we leverage our national and international networks to access resources and explore new perspectives.

Local Government

We help local governments and councils meet the needs of their citizens. Our dedicated local government teams understand the environment, culture, policies and pressures that local government leaders face. We also leverage KPMG’s local and global networks to help leaders connect across all levels of government and the wider business community.

Modernising government – how we can help

We work with governments at all levels to deliver services that are citizen-centric and maximise the benefits that digital innovation and emerging technologies offer. This includes moving to the cloud, leveraging data, optimising cyber security, adapting behaviours, designing for the future and transforming the citizen/business experience.

As pressure on governments and the public sector intensifies, we help them meet growing demands for better, more effective and personalised services with limited funds.

Our dedicated teams understand the unique needs of the public sector today, and we offer targeted advice and solutions that can help governments achieve policy reform and transform the way services are delivered. Read more about modernising government.

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