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Navigate the complexity at scale.

Tracking and delivering on changing contractual obligations at scale in a fast-moving digital landscape, that’s also faced with everchanging legislation and regulation, and remediation requirements, is challenging, complex and costly. Organisations need to ensure that their contracts, and their management, can be easily reviewed, change facilitated, and terms updated at high volume and pace. Despite technology advancements in this space, there is still little room for interrogation and interoperations of the contract data.

At the core of our contract platform tech solution is KPMG’s patented AI capability that enables businesses to interrogate digital scans by offering examples of good and bad documents removing the need for a person to read through thousands of paper-based contracts when changes need to be made.

The benefits

Scan and interrogate paper-based contracts at scale, speed and with accuracy.

Interpret documents consistently, based on example documents removing the need for specific rules to be coded.

Drive time efficiencies through machine learning.

Quickly and efficiently navigate complexity.

Consistently update contracts based on changing legislation.

Reduce costs and accelerate digitisation of your business.

The KPMG difference

KPMG’s Contract Manager is more than technology – this tech solution offers the intelligence to support human intervention to make a decision, through interpreting the document and context. By leveraging the knowledge and specialisations of our people, we can guide the AI capabilities to improve reading and reviewing complex contracts.

KPMG’s Contract Manager has the ability to review thousands of documents, cut to a specific piece of interest and then suggest alternative wording to assist in navigating the complexity of your contract project efforts. 

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