Supply chains of the 21st century are faster, more interconnected and require sharing of greater amounts of data. The complexities of these ecosystems create operational risks, reconciliation challenges as well as trust and compliance concerns.

Introducing KPMG Origins: A blockchain-based track-and-trace platform helping global trading partners codify trust, enabling more streamlined interactions across organisations and borders.

Our easy-to-use platform reshapes industries by enabling exceptional visibility and control of the supply chain, from tracking raw materials to the final point of sale.

Integrate and standardise your end-to-end supply chain data, no matter how complex

Share trusted data across your supply chain, quickly and securely

Tell your trusted product story, backed by comprehensive provenance and traceability data

Leverage the power of KPMG Origins to unlock the full potential of your supply chain.

Reimagining supply chains with an infrastructure of trust

KPMG Origins maps the economic community of your supply chain, and works with key participants to share data that makes trading faster and safer.

Increase transparency

From sourcing raw materials to point of purchase, KPMG Origins provides you with clear visibility of production processes, transport conditions, and who has custody of your products.

Build trust with customers

Enrich your customers' purchasing experience by providing increased transparency around your product claims and journey.

Share trusted certificates

Proactively provide supply chain participants with confidence. KPMG Origins allows you to capture and share digital certifications of your organisation, production facilities and products.


Realise untapped potential – Globally

KPMG Origins enable you to help improve your export processes, backed by our regional team who can help you to connect to your target markets across the world.


Our approach – The Digital Twin

Each KPMG Origins Digital Twin stores a significant array of validated data that helps enable participants to make informed digitally enabled decisions.

Digital twin diagram

Realised untapped potential – Access new markets today

The next generation trust platform with industry and clients

SunRice Australian products are quality assured and traceable, right to your dinner table. This is made possible through SunRice’s fully integrated supply chain – starting with the fact that it is owned by Australian rice farmers, through to the storage of their quality grain, processing and packaging in world class mills and distribution under the household SunRice brands. The result is complete visibility into every step of your food’s journey. From seed to supermarket. Read more about the SunRice blockchain pilot >


The Australian sugar industry is facing a number of global and domestic challenges, largely driven by community and government expectation and requirements to meet strict environmental regulations and the increasing demand of end-consumers to have access to sustainable sugar. KPMG Origins works to solve these challenges, providing transparency and trust.

One of the challenges many small and medium players in the Agricultural industry in Australia face is complexity and administrative workload associated with export documentation. Having a trusted and immutable source of traceability data about a product, creates opportunities to not only digitise the process but also reduce effort required to prepare orders for export.


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