Supply chains of the 21st century are faster, more interconnected and require sharing of greater amounts of data. The complexities of these ecosystems create operational risks, reconciliation challenges as well as trust and compliance concerns.

Introducing KPMG Origins: A blockchain-based track-and-trace platform helping global trading partners codify trust, enabling more streamlined interactions across organisations and borders.

Our easy-to-use platform reshapes industries by enabling exceptional visibility and control of the supply chain, from tracking raw materials to the final point of sale.

KPMG Origins

Leverage the power of KPMG Origins to unlock the full potential of your supply chain

An ecosystem based platform

Our ecosystem-centric approach enables seamless connectivity between various industries with standardised and trusted data through our platform – here’s how it comes together:

An ecosystem based platform infographic

Core functionality

Simple to use dashboards, reporting, data permission and administration tools.

Data contributors

Ecosystem players share permissioned data which is combined with open data.

Data consumers

Industry players, governing bodies and key stakeholders use trusted data for better decision making.

Trusted data

Peace of mind – your data is stored in an immutable fashion using the latest blockchain technology.


KPMG Origins

Discover the opportunities KPMG Origins can unlock