There is a growing urgency to deliver well-designed and impactful government grant programs at pace whilst achieving cost effectiveness and efficiencies and providing a consistent and trusted experience. Grants are used as a response to a broad range of complex and challenging issues from responding to the needs of vulnerable children, families and communities; to managing events such as COVID-19 and natural disasters including bush fires and floods.  

Introducing KPMG Powered Grants

+ Flexible and adaptable services
+ Ongoing grant management assistance
+ Surge capacity support for periods of peak workload
+ Grants-only platform implementation
+ Powered by Microsoft and Salesforce

Our easy-to-use technology solution advises you on the best course of action to take, manage the end-to end grants process and can be tailored to meet specific needs.

It enables you to quickly take effective action, drive efficiency and ensure transparency across the grants lifecycle, whist providing operational and strategic quality assurances across the grant program.

Supporting your end-to-end grant management process


Our grant management service offers advice and support including the design of grant frameworks and programs, conduct reviews and undertake grant market research.

We offer support and guidance to:

  • manage your grant program risks
  • ensure appropriate design and continuous improvement
  • capture the right insights and outcomes.


Built with best practice end to end grant management, KPMG can deliver a technology solution on Microsoft or Salesforce platform. The cloud based software will collate and interrogate information to enable:

  • efficiencies throughout the grant lifecycle
  • insights captured in real time for simplified reporting
  • information to support data driven decision making, compliance and assurance.


Our grant management platform is an end to end managed service providing best practice for people, process and technology. Comprised of 'modules', our solution allows for:

  • the choice of options and pre-configured processes tailored to you
  • design and administration of grants on your behalf, as well as surge support when you need it
  • a customer-centric experience and quality outcomes for the applicant/recipient.


KPMG Powered Grants can help you integrate strategic and operational quality assurance over the entire grant program lifecycle.

With a dynamic risk assurance approach to achieving outcomes, you can have confidence and assurance in your grants process, including:

  • detection and prevention of fraudulent behaviour
  • confidence that grants are providing the right people, at the right time, with the right amount
  • evidence-based decisions for transparency and trust.

Features of KPMG Powered Grants technology platform

Accept, manage and process application

Accept, manage and process applications

Administer grants

Administer grants

Business structuring and tax

Manage documents

governance, risk and compliances

Track progress

send regular updates

Send regular updates

Make payments

Make payments

Analyze for compliance

Analyse for risks and compliance

Generate reports

Generate reports

Multi-platform support

KPMG Powered Grants is enabled by market leading platforms, Microsoft and Salesforce.

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