In today’s digital world, every organisation must embrace the use of technology to keep up with ever-advancing customer expectations.

But how do leading organisations achieve this at scale, with agility, securely, ethically and profitably?

Leading organisations know that the formula to getting this right is a customer-first culture which needs to be underpinned by a seamless set of systems and processes across the front, middle and back office.

Whatever your ambitions, we will help you achieve them...

+ acquiring market share
+ improving service levels
+ launching new products and services.

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KPMG Salesforce specialists – building organisations that are Connected. Powered. Trusted.

As a trusted Salesforce partner, KPMG brings together specialists in industry, strategy, people and process, technology and data, and cyber and regulation. We work with you every step of the way to see the transformation come to life.

Our advisory services and Salesforce Net Zero Cloud expertise can help measure and monitor organisations' efforts as they work towards their ESG goals.

KPMG Salesforce is a growing global group with an Australian presence that spans over 22 countries with offshore delivery capability in several locations depending on timezone requirements.

Our Salesforce team is built around the core tenets of business value over features, quality over quantity and stewardship.

Why choose KPMG enabled by Salesforce?

Transforming Sales & Marketing and Finance functions

KPMG has been a Salesforce implementation partner since 2019

Our approach

Today’s customers expect excellent experience at every touchpoint. Many organisations find it challenging to efficiently align their operations to meet client expectations. KPMG's Connected Enterprise approach helps deliver customer-centric, enterprise-wide digital transformation. With leading technology and operational models, KPMG's Powered Enterprise functional solutions can assist to accelerate transformation and open up new possibilities for your organisation.

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    KPMG advisers use a tailored, optimised operating model for your industry

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Salesforce services and industry solutions

Leveraging KPMG industry knowledge, along with the power of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud software, will enable financial service organisations to overcome the impacts of evolving regulatory changes and disruptions from non-traditional players.

We can also help you with integrating your front, middle and back offices, allowing for a more personalised customer experience and a reduction in rework and error rates – to improve brand engagement and increase market share.

Benefits for financial services organisations

  • Built in security, protecting your organisation from potential cyber security threats.
  • Modern and flexible technology. Built with the customer in mind.
  • Connected thinking with ongoing innovation, so you're always ahead of the curve.
  • Advanced customer intelligence and analytics system.

Collaborating with nCino to transform the banking experience

What is nCino? nCino is end-to-end banking software that connects the bank's core functions and the transaction systems. Extend Salesforce Financial Services Cloud through nCino to deliver a seamless interaction between employees and customers, and business lines and departments, providing bankers with a single, efficient way to digitally operate their institution.

Why choose KPMG as your Salesforce partner?

When you combine Salesforce and nCino cutting-edge technologies with KPMG’s tailored approach, you will be able to quickly realise value on your operations and technology investment by providing an industry standard approach to lending.


Today’s citizens expect government services to be as accessible as those in the consumer world. KPMG and Salesforce help you modernise the citizen experience by providing tailored solutions that allow you to efficiently respond to constituent needs.

Designed specifically for the public sector, Salesforce government and public sector solutions provide you with deep employee engagement and customer relationship insights. This pivotal data allows you to redesign the employee and citizen interactions, empowering your employees to deliver seamless and personalised experiences.

Benefits for public sector and government departments

  • Improve service delivery by equipping departments with a 360-degree view of citizens.
  • Built to adhere to government departments' strict security guidelines.
  • Access real time system and security performance data for added peace of mind.
  • Designed to meet your compliance and regulatory requirements with ease.

Salesforce Public Sector Cloud

Salesforce Public Sector Cloud focuses on transforming the government digital service delivery that enables government departments to serve their customers more effectively and efficiently.

Using the latest digital technologies, including AI, that connect seamlessly and securely to their technology ecosystem, public sector organisations will be able to simplify and/or automate various government services such as licenses and permits, grants and funding, and emergency relief efforts.

Why choose KPMG as your Salesforce partner?

When you choose KPMG to implement Salesforce government and public sector solutions for your organisation, you'll benefit from KPMG's deep policy, departmental process knowledge and technology skills to help government departments scale with agility, meet citizens' expectations and extend the value of their Salesforce investments.


Utilities are navigating significant change as they navigate pressures on their operations, such as supply chain impacts, a changing workforce, increasing customer demand and more. Delivering work in safety critical environments, and doing this as optimally as possible will continue to be a key objective for all utilities.

Looking towards the future, organisations need to embrace and invest in digital transformation to enable greater resiliency and connectivity as the needs of their customers, communities they serve, and workforce continues to evolve.

KPMG and Salesforce work together to provide customer centric solutions that navigate a changing industry landscape.

Benefits for energy and utility organisations

  • Personalised customer experiences at every touchpoint.
  • Simplified integrations of multiple data sources delivering a 360-degree view of your customers.
  • End-to-end optimisation of core delivery processes and an increase in safety, productivity, tool time, utilisation; leading to lower costs of service delivery.
  • Advanced analytics capabilities allowing you to forecast and reduce risks.
  • Real-time sustainability data and automated emissions tracking helping you deliver greater transparency to customers on services delivered and ethical and environmental responsibilities.

Efficient planning and on-site maintenance with Salesforce Field Services

Salesforce Field Services is a core enterprise application that enables organisations to unlock value from their end-to-end operational value chain and enables frontline operators to accelerate their digital capabilities. Work orders and field service appointments are automatically allocated to the right resources based on their skills, availabilities and locations, eliminating downtime and customer impact.

KPMG has a working demo of the Salesforce Field Services platform which provides a tactile environment where you can experience how the technology work in four high value scenarios for field operations.

This demo has been informed by our knowledge of safe, resilient, transparent and optimised operations, which has been developed through our Frontline Operator Playbook and Target Operating Model (TOM), as well as our demonstrated track record of delivering value for clients.

Why choose KPMG as your Salesforce partner?

When you choose KPMG to implement Salesforce solutions for your organisation, you will have access to our dedicated utilities specialists with experience across Australia and the global market, in collaboration with our global Salesforce practitioners.

Combining technology delivery and advisory services, KPMG can provide an end-to-end transformation offering.

KPMG is a brand leader for advisory and digital business transformation for utilities. Along with our market-leading thought leadership, we have delivered real benefits for Australian utilities companies.


Education stands as a cornerstone for driving economic prosperity, acting as a catalyst for innovation and fostering social mobility. However, the education sector grapples with a myriad of challenges. Shifting demographics alter the landscape of demand, while technological advancements create an increasingly competitive environment. Educational institutes find themselves navigating the balance between implementing a modern curriculum, personalising the student experience and keeping pace with global educational competition.

The higher and vocational education sector must adapt swiftly to the evolving employment landscape, responding to rapidly changing skill requirements. Simultaneously, institutes strive for efficiency, differentiation, and an enhanced student experience. The goal is to produce graduates who are not only work-ready, but also contribute to world-class research. In the face of these challenges, the education sector plays a crucial role in shaping a resilient and dynamic workforce for the future.

KPMG and Salesforce work together to provide customer centric solutions that navigate a changing education landscape.

Benefits for education providers

  • 360-degree student view: understand and personalise the entire student journey for enhanced experiences.
  • Collaborative efficiency: connect internal departments seamlessly to deliver timely information through optimal channels.
  • Automated processes: utilise Salesforce for efficient process automation, driving operational savings.
  • Analytics and AI insights: implement real-time analytics and AI for intelligent actions, improving overall student and internal team member experiences.

Why choose KPMG as your Salesforce partner?

When you opt for KPMG to enhance your student experience, you gain access to our dedicated education and Salesforce experts spanning Australia and the global market. KPMG seamlessly integrates business and system services, delivering a comprehensive transformation across your front, middle and back offices. Our commitment to the education sector is underscored by a track record of delivering substantial benefits to P-12,higher and vocational education institutions. With extensive experience in implementing Salesforce Education Cloud, we have successfully executed major transformations across Australia and globally. 


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