Organisations are facing headwinds related to economic uncertainty, productivity challenges and increasing regulation on sustainability measures. There is an increasing need to balance delivery outcomes across customer asset and operational objectives. Digital transformation and artificial intelligence technologies provide an opportunity to accelerate responses to these challenges.

KPMG and Salesforce, through a strategic partnership, have provided a point of view on 6 themes related to how digital transformation and AI can help create shareholder value.

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Key areas of focus

A strategic opportunity to create value via embedded ESG

Next generation data management platforms enabled with artificial intelligence can help optimise sustainability reporting and scenario-based analysis across the organisation’s value chain. There is a strategic opportunity to embed ESG to deliver transformative outcomes, with data and insights at the core of how value is realised.

Understand what your customers want

The shift to customer centricity is becoming a key business imperative across industries. This is accentuated in the energy supply value chain which is moving to a more dynamic system, facilitating richer interactions with consumers. Organisations should create a digital relationship between their customers, assets and operations − with artificial intelligence enabling a step change in improved customer experience.

Intelligence in asset management to enable growth

Value creation is tied to asset performance and delivery of capital programs. The convergence of OT and IT domains is creating opportunities to optimise processes and decision making across the asset lifecycle. A robust digital backbone becomes the enabler of the organisation’s growth agenda.

Service the debt incurred from low productivity

A workforce with sub optimal productivity leads to a performance debt which impacts the deliverability of asset and customer plans. Next generation planning, scheduling and mobility technologies are leveraging AI to uplift productivity and unlock value from operational teams.

Don’t let security be a barrier to innovation

Data security is both mandated by regulation and critical to the social licence to operate. However, it can cause barriers to innovation, particularly when access to various datasets across the OT and IT domains is required. Embedding security as a core component of digital transformation will help reduce barriers to innovation and growth.

A clear strategy to balance risk and reward

Data security, an evolving regulatory landscape and public trust pose challenges to achieving data openness and leveraging emerging AI technologies. Being clear on ethics, adopting a focused digital strategy and making deliberate technology choices will help businesses navigate the next frontier for artificial intelligence enabled innovation.

Where KPMG can help

We’re leveraging our leading industry insights, cutting-edge technologies and implementation expertise to help organisations navigate the next frontier of AI enabled innovation. The KPMG and Salesforce partnership enables us to combine our respective strengths, empowering organisations to achieve their digital transformation goals.

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