As a leading professional services firm, KPMG Australia (KPMG) is committed to meeting the requirements of all our stakeholders – not only the organisations we audit and advise, but also employees, governments, regulators and the wider community. 

We strive to contribute to the debate that is shaping the Indigenous Voice and welcome the opportunity to provide a submission to the Indigenous Voice Discussion Paper. 

KPMG formally supported the Response to the Uluru Statement along with 13 other organisations in Australia in 2019. At the time we acknowledged the proposal for constitutional change to include Indigenous Australians in our founding document was a critical step for our Nation’s identity.

We commend the Australian Government on the release of the Indigenous Voice Discussion Paper, however again urge the Australian Government to consider constitutional change with renewed urgency and commitment. KPMG recognises that, to ensure any referendum is successful and to avoid further political fatigue within Indigenous communities, the referendum should only be held once the model for the Voice is finalised in a manner acceptable to Indigenous stakeholders, and sufficient public education has occurred to ensure a ‘yes’ vote.

Constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians is not just a symbolic act of reconciliation, it’s a practical action resulting in a path where we can walk together, make decisions together and deliver solutions together.

KPMG again pledges our ongoing advocacy through this submission and the 13 feedback principles enclosed within, adding KPMG’s voice to those calling for constitutional change and for the enshrinement of the National Voice in the constitution. We are incredibly proud to play a small role in this historic moment in our collective journey towards reconciliation.

Key contributors to this submission: 
Shellee Murphy-Oates, Reconciliation Manager, Corporate Citizenship; Jennifer Wilson, Director, KPMG Law and Glen Brennan, Partner, KPMG Indigenous Services.

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