Indigenous Australia

Indigenous Australia

We use our skills and resources in partnership with Indigenous Australia, to bring about prosperity, positive recognition, and foster reconciliation.

We use our skills and resources with Indigenous Australia to foster reconciliation.

Reconciliation with Indigenous Australia

KPMG is committed to addressing some of the most striking inequalities facing Indigenous Australia. This sincere and sustained commitment has led to our 2021-2025 Reconciliation Action Plan being acknowledged by Reconciliation Australia as ‘Elevate’ – our third RAP to receive this accreditation. Our work is guided by international and domestic human rights frameworks, including the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Sustainable Development Goals, the Closing the Gap targets and Reconciliation Australia’s 5 Dimensions of Reconciliation.

Our flagship partnership is our 15-year involvement with Jawun, a non-profit organisation focusing on long-term initiatives that help break the cycle of welfare dependency in Indigenous communities.

Our people have the opportunity to work with Indigenous organisations and communities on a project basis in a diverse range of locations, from remote communities like the West Kimberley, to regional and urban settings such as Redfern in Sydney. Through the Jawun program our people are applying their skills and knowledge to help build the capacity of Indigenous businesses and, ultimately, healthier and more sustainable communities.

Since 2007, when our first secondees travelled to Cape York, close to 300 of our people have undertaken a secondment with Jawun and contributed more than 65,000 hours of professional time to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia.

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  • Jawun is a non-profit organisation fostering economic and social development to help break the cycle of welfare dependency in Indigenous communities.
  • The Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) is focused on creating positive futures for young Indigenous Australians by facilitating access to leading schools, universities and corporations.