Mental Health

Mental Health

Working with organisations to create mentally healthy workplaces and change the narrative around mental health and suicide.

We work with organisations on mental health issues and people’s health and wellbeing.

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One in five Australians experience mental ill-health in any given year, and almost half the population will experience mental ill-health at some stage in their lifetime.

KPMG acknowledges that the devastating impacts of mental ill-health and suicide across Australia are enormous. It impacts us as individuals, our families, our friends, our people, our clients and our communities.

It also has a financial impact, influencing workplace productivity and our economy.

KPMG is committed to supporting those who are impacted by psychosocial issues and mental ill-health, through our people policies, our client work, and through our Corporate Citizenship programs.

We aspire to be a mentally-well workplace, and to be known as a business leader that is focused on reducing stigma, building leadership, and on changing the narrative around mental health and suicide across Australia.

KPMG aims to play a leading role amongst professional services firms, to collaborate and share to create mentally healthy workplaces that can create meaningful and sustainable change.