Creating trustworthy buildings requires collaboration across a complex ecosystem of value chain participants from developers and builders to global material manufacturers, regulators and financial service players. 

Lack of transparency can lead to risky outcomes impacting the industry and end consumers. The Building Trustworthy Indicator brings transparency and trust into the construction space.

Introducing KPMG Origins | Building Trustworthy Indicator: A market-led, building technology product that aims to differentiate between trustworthy and non-trustworthy buildings. Through the combination of information on participants (who), construction materials (what) and certificates, the Building Trustworthy Indicator demonstrates confidence in quality of construction (how) across design, construction, and commissioning of Class 2 residential buildings. It assesses each building based on building trustworthiness index.

How will Building Trustworthy Indicator benefit you?

Construction Industry Participants

Differentiate your approach to construction and the assets you create. Showcase your investment in quality processes and materials.


Differentiate the assets you buy into and engage the market with greater confidence.

Material Producers

Use our building assurance platform to share supply chain data to provide confidence for your buyers.


Conduct building trustworthiness assessment  and leverage data to support latent defect insurance products on offer. 


Create greater transparency of the construction process to better equip your financing decisions and risk management.


Gain insight into the construction process across residential buildings and identify trustworthy assets.

How does Building Trustworthy Indicator work?

The 'who'

Building Trustworthy Indicator incorporates the 'who' of the build. How trustworthy are the participants in the construction process based on existing industry ratings? What licences and ratings do they hold? What is their track record in industry?

The 'what'

Building Trustworthy Indicator looks at 'what' the building is made of. Evidence is submitted  on the compliance of all materials used in the build. Where are they coming from? What are they made of? How are they made?

The 'how'

Building Trustworthy Indicator looks at 'how' the building was constructed. What documents were provided across the design and construction stages? What building processes have taken place? How do they provide confidence in the quality? 


Using advanced mathematical modelling, the data is combined into an easy-to-understand, intuitive indicator showing how trustworthy the building is.  


Comprehensive views are available across the whole building as well by the five key elements: structure, building enclosure, fire safety systems, waterproofing and building services. 


All the data is completely traceable and auditable through capture in auditable through blockchain technology.

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