KPMG Futures: where 'what if' becomes 'how to'

In a fast-changing world, where the future is as unpredictable as it is filled with potential, organisations need to stay curious, adaptable and forward focused.

  • Where is AI heading and how do we leverage its potential?
  • How will quantum computing change the way we solve complex problems?

By embracing these uncertainties as opportunities, leaders can navigate the complexities of tomorrow, leveraging new technologies to not only adapt but thrive.

The future starts here.

What is KPMG Futures?

We bring to life game-changing technologies and businesses to accelerate a better future for our clients.

Focused firmly on the horizon – we anticipate the next wave of sectors, technologies, services, and business models with a view to delivering tangible value today.

Scanning global and local signals across society, technology, economy, environment and political trends, we capture disruptive insights. Then, based on innovation priorities, we define business models for the firm and our clients.

As a future-obsessed team, our strengths lie in deep research, innovative experimentation, and effective incubation of bold ideas.

Driving innovation across four pillars

Intelligent performance

Understand how to maximise productivity across data platforms, supply chain, risk, decision-making and more.

Better world

Feel emboldened about achieving net zero targets and meeting ESG requirements through world-class climate tech software, real-time decisioning, and AI advancements.

Forever trusted

Understand the tools and capabilities available to support sound decision-making, alleviate risk and optimise operations.

Frontier today

Today’s frontier is tomorrow’s mainstream. Decrypt emerging, game-changing tech and its potential in business – think quantum, AI and biotechnology.

Download Futuresphere Annual Foresight 2024

Futuresphere Annual Foresight report

This decade promises to be one of transformational change with AI changing how we work and live. Explore more in our Annual Foresight report.

Download report (PDF 3.5MB)

Shaping the future, from AI to quantum computing

Insight lives in the most unexpected places, that’s why we thrive on unconventional thinking. We seek out bold ideas and make them real, not just predicting the future but building it – from initial proof of concept to polished prototype. 

How do we help organisations deliver innovative solutions?

Innovation Lab

In our Innovation Lab, we get hands-on with emerging technology and new ways of thinking with a special emphasis on AI breakthroughs and Quantum computing.

See what’s happening in our Innovation Lab.

KPMG Future Technology program

KPMG Future Technology program – in collaboration with Stone & Chalk – is a commitment to help Australian startups succeed, not just at the start of their journey, but into the future. The partnership combines the innovation community at Stone & Chalk with KPMG’s industry expertise.

Explore the KPMG Future Technology program.

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