KPMG Business Visitor Assist

Business Visitor Assist

KPMG Business Visitor Assist assesses tax and immigration obligations created by business travellers to Australia.

Assesses tax and immigration obligations created by business travellers to Australia.

The management of international business travellers can be incredibly complex. An employer’s duty of care to employees includes not only their physical safety, but extends to ensuring they do not create personal risk through tax and immigration non-compliance. The burden on in-house resources continues to rise with regular legislative change, and the increasing scrutiny placed on these employees by tax and immigration authorities.

KPMG Business Visitor Assist is an industry-leading web solution designed to assess and manage the obligations created by business visitors to Australia. The application will allow you and your travelling employees to:

  • obtain pre-travel assessments detailing the specific personal income tax, immigration and superannuation requirements relating to each trip
  • track and monitor all business visitors to Australia
  • direct employees to apply for the appropriate business visitor visas online
  • link directly to KPMG’s immigration and tax teams where a work visa is required, or income tax obligation arises.

Employees can conveniently record travel plans and receive instant pre-travel instructions via email regarding their visa and tax obligations and instructions on next steps.

KPMG Business Visitor Assist helps you address all of these obligations before the traveller gets on the plane.

To learn more, view our brochure – KPMG Business Visitor Assist (PDF 266KB) or contact us for more information.

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