Tax governance for private groups is on the ATO’s agenda

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been reviewing the nature and operation of tax control frameworks as part of their Justified Trust (JT) methodology.

This focus from the ATO requires documented evidence of tax governance measures in place, without which organisations risk greater ATO scrutiny.

The ATO’s JT methodology for tax governance considers alignment with the ATO Tax Risk Management and Governance Review Guide, which sets out principles across 13 areas that the ATO expect to be in place and operational within a framework.

For Top 500 private groups and Next 5000 organisations, the ATO focuses on how its seven principles of effective tax governance have been applied in the context of an organisation.

Introducing KPMG Tax Governance Assist

KPMG Tax Governance Assist can help develop your tax control framework, starting with a baseline Tax Governance Policy document, and get you ready for a review by the ATO.

What are the benefits?


Helping your organisation navigate complex ATO requirements.

Remove complexity

Helping to simplify and streamline your organisation's tax documentation.

Improve efficiency

Our process can save your organisation time, money and effort.

How does it work?


Get online

KPMG Tax Governance Assist is an easy-to-use online information gathering app to help develop your tax control framework.


Complete the app

Your answers populate a tailored Tax Governance Policy document, with content applicable for Top 500 private groups and Next 5000 organisations.


Access support

You then have various options to engage with KPMG Tax Governance specialists depending on the level of support you need – for further input and tailoring prior to finalisation.

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