Cyber warfare, technology competition, trade wars, social movements and other forces of disruption represent major risks and opportunities. Businesses need to focus their attention on the financial, reputational and operational risks in order to make the most of opportunities. 

Strategic risk is the cause of 86 percent of significant losses in market value, yet it represents only six percent of a typical organisation’s risk management spend.

Strategic risk management is an area of chronic underinvestment, at a time when the world faces unprecedented and interconnected geopolitical threats.

Our experience of COVID-19 has accelerated and exacerbated these existing trends, such that businesses are facing multi-dimensional challenges that can no longer be avoided.

  • Understanding and integrating political logic into operations in areas such as investment, tax and trade.
  • Ensuring trade routes and supply chains are resilient to unpredictable political, climate and health events.
  • Building trust and undertaking due diligence with business partners to ensure they meet legal, investor and community standards.
  • Navigating uncertainty when accessing strategic markets.

Geopolitics: why it matters

This video was produced as a global alliance with the Eurasia Group.

Who we are

About KPMG Australia's Geopolitics Hub.

The Australia Geopolitics Hub leverages KPMG’s multidisciplinary capabilities, local expertise and global reach, and its member alliance with the Eurasia Group to provide the tools and resources that will help your organisation respond effectively to the full spectrum of geopolitical uncertainty.

Our member firm alliance with the Eurasia Group brings their predictive geopolitical analysis of global interconnected risks together with KPMG’s understanding of business across industry to address company business impacts with actionable plans – using robust analytics and on-the-ground insights from senior policy insiders.

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What we do

We work with clients to provide solution-oriented and actionable geopolitical insights. 

Government affairs

We help drive value for clients by supporting them to navigate dynamic public policy environments both domestically and internationally, working together to monitor, evaluate, and prioritise regulatory risks and opportunities. We use our considerable public policy experience in tax and trade, among others, and across multiple industry sectors in both developed and emerging markets around the globe.

Markets, trade and scenario planning

Scenario planning, economic modelling and views into the potential future of a particular region, sector, market segment, product or the outcome of keystone elections.

Organisational design and training

Off-the-shelf and bespoke models to help your company organise itself to deal with geopolitics.

Investment, supply chain and market analyses

Snapshot, deep dive or somewhere in the middle analyses and due diligence to support an investment, divestment, supply chain or market entry decision.

Risk and crisis readiness assessments

Assessment tools and strategy workshops to analyse your organisational operating and management risks and identify opportunities to improve geopolitical resilience.

Executive briefings

Critical insights on a particular topic, region or personality that matters to your organisation.

Insights and thought leadership

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Geopolitics Hub Contacts

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