ESS Assist

ESS Assist

ESS Assist automates the complex calculation of employee share scheme (ESS) income, sourcing data direct from share plan administrators.

ESS Assist automates the complex calculation of employee share scheme (ESS) income.

The management of ESS can be incredibly complex. The burden on in-house resources continues to rise with regular legislative change, a more globally mobile workforce and the increasing importance placed on employer reporting by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

What is ESS Assist?

Using KPMG’s Employee Share Scheme reporting tool, ESS Assist, we can support you in managing your ESS reporting obligations to both your people and the ATO.

Sourcing data directly from share plan administrators, it fully automates all ESS reporting obligations.

Key features and benefits

  • Saves time for your in-house teams – ESS Statements and Annual Report created direct from a single upload of share plan data.
  • Combined calculations – Automated process for calculating reportable income for all scenarios, including support for globally mobile employees.
  • Enhanced Employee Experience – Bespoke cover letter with each ESS statement to explain the calculation of ESS income in plain English, reducing the level of queries and providing greater clarity to your people. Fully tailored cover letter can be generated which allows for the ‘employer touch’ and communication style.
  • Additional reporting Reports can be generated to support State Payroll Tax obligations, and to provide data insights into the value of ESS schemes to your business.
  • Compliant software – ESS Assist is compliant with ATO electronic reporting obligations and can handle the lodgement of annual reports, amendments and revisions.

To find out more, read our ESS Assist Factsheet (PDF 205KB) or speak to a member of the team today.

Other employee share scheme services:

  • Employee share scheme design and implementation services
  • ESS tax and advisory services for income and employment taxes
  • Global reviews of employee share plans to determine tax and reporting obligations
  • Preparation of legal documentation
  • Executive remuneration and reward consultation
  • Accounting and valuation services.

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