Performance & Reward

Performance & Reward

KPMG’s Performance & Reward team develops innovative solutions that drive engagement, retention and higher performance for organisations.

KPMG’s Performance & Reward team helps drive engagement, retention and higher performance.

Leadership, motivating and retaining people talent is key to any organisation’s success. In an environment that is continuously changing, targeted performance and reward strategies and solutions are required to engage and motivate your people to achieve the business strategy. Rewards should promote the right behaviours to achieve customer and business outcomes, without encouraging excessive risk taking.

Leadership is key to the success of any organisation. It provides direction at the top and right through an organisation. Challenges are faced and succession can be an issue.

KPMG Performance & Reward can provide organisations with an enhanced leadership, performance and reward offering, in addition to working one on one with board members, remuneration committees and senior executives, advising on succession planning for top executives to assisting with people issues in mergers and acquisitions.

Using data, analytics and design thinking techniques, KPMG’s Performance & Reward team develops innovative and creative solutions that drive engagement, retention and higher performance across an organisation. Our team’s diverse experience (finance, legal, tax and human resources) enables us to see things differently and challenge conventional thinking to develop with you a strategic solution fit for your business, not just a ‘best practice’ approach.

We start with seeing the issues from your perspective. Our people have real experience, not just in advising clients but working in organisations to deliver results.


How we can help

We provide independent advice to the board in respect of its most important job – ensuring that the company has the right C-suite leadership skills in place and in the pipeline to take the company to where it wants to go in the future.

Performance management incorporates all aspects of managing the progress made towards achieving an organisation’s strategic objectives through the performance and behaviour of its people. KPMG's Performance & Rewards team brings highly relevant industry experience and subject matter expertise to create solutions that align company objectives with performance indicators. We can assist organisations with performance frameworks and management systems, strategic goal alignment, setting KPIs and accountabilities, performance benchmarking, job architecture and design, capability frameworks; and employee engagement strategies.

We work with you to provide strategic advice, insights and solutions that help organisations attract, engage and retain key executives and the broader workforce. The development and implementation of well aligned, efficient and effective reward strategies are critical to a high performing and engaged workforce.

Understanding the drivers of industry and company performance, we use this to guide and shape performance and reward strategies that help the business achieve its key results and outcomes for shareholders. We know how to communicate change to internal and external stakeholders – we understand the job isn’t finished with design.

KPMG Performance & Reward can assist you with everything from total reward strategy design and implementation, variable reward design (short term and long term incentive), sales force reward, broad based remuneration, benchmarking and operational governance while considering communication and stakeholder engagement and driving shareholder value.

Board advisor
KPMG’s Performance & Reward team acts as a trusted independent advisor to the Chair on a range of matters including C-Suite succession planning, transition and reviews into board effectiveness. 

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