Fuel Tax Credit Technology

Fuel Tax Credit Technology

KPMG utilises breakthrough data analytics and Internet of Things devices to solve FTC refunds.

A breakthrough solution combining data analytics with IoT devices to solve FTC refunds.

Our advanced FTC technology platform helps our clients create detailed and robust FTC claims.

The solution combines the knowledge and expertise of our FTC specialists with GPS technology, advanced data science and automation to provide:

  • accurate claims 
  • cost and time savings thanks to a digital, streamlined approach
  • data-driven support to substantiate claims
  • valuable insights on fleet performance and operations to create broader business value.


Key features

  • Connects and sources data from fleet vehicle’s GPS system or alternative data sources.
  • Uses comprehensive proprietary mapping to pinpoint road usage.
  • Tracks granular vehicle usage.
  • Produces detailed analysis and documentation for substantiation.

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