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We work with organisations to enhance performance while minimising risk, through an integrated payroll digital solution.

An integrated payroll digital solution to enhance performance while minimising risk.

Today’s global workforce is subject to increasingly complex laws in the areas of immigration, employment and tax, the mismanagement of which can expose businesses to significant monetary and reputational risk. With evolving data security and growing business demands for value-add payroll information, improved system integration and better employee engagement, the need for the right payroll solution backed by a strong and stable technology platform has become ever more important.

Additionally, the intricate nature of enterprise agreements, awards, heightened scrutiny by the Fair Work Commission, increased ATO visibility following the introduction of Single Touch Payroll reporting, and other legislative requirements makes it difficult and costly to ensure payroll compliance.

Indeed, it is no surprise that businesses are thinking and re-thinking about optimal payroll operations and its digital transformation. Striking the right balance between strategic objectives and payroll governance offers real value-add opportunities in terms of cost savings, reputational protection, management information, regulatory compliance and employee engagement.

How KPMG can help

KPMG Payroll Connect offers a holistic payroll governance, strategy and optimisation solution that combines the expertise of our industry-leading employment tax and payroll specialists with best-in-class payroll digital platform to enable organisations to not only help achieve accurate and compliant payroll with increased automation, but also access a broad range of advice on how to enhance every element of the organisations’ payroll strategy and operations.

The tailored service relieves organisations of the reputational risk associated with fair work and payroll compliance as well as the administrative burden of payroll processing and the cost of navigating the impact of regulatory change as it happens.

Underpinned by market-leading cloud technology, Payroll Connect makes complicated payroll matters simple, supporting the management of the full employment lifecycle end-to-end, delivering deeper insights to enable data-driven decision-making. Our payroll technology platform ensures our clients are compliant with the latest payroll regulations first time, every time.

Assured by the expertise of our payroll advisory specialists, Payroll Connect can enable the outsourcing of:

  • payroll data processing backed by:
    • automated Modern Award interpretation
    • fully integrated rostering, time and attendance, leave and expense management system
    • employee self-service with 24/7 connectivity via a smartphone app or computer portal
  • execution of pay runs
  • preparation of payment files
  • distribution of payroll reports
  • payroll compliance activities including:
    • PAYG
    • payroll tax
    • worker’s compensation.

Our specialists can provide bespoke advice on best practice payroll strategy and operations with respect to people, process and technology for payroll operations including:

  • compliance
  • governance
  • PR advice
  • payroll tax advice
  • workforce management
  • employment relations
  • employment law.

Payroll Connect seeks to enhance an organisation’s current and future payroll operational performance in one payroll provider. We offer a tailor-made payroll solution that aims to best meet the organisation’s needs. Connect with us to see how we can help.

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