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Australia’s government, defence and national security sectors rely on resilient digital technologies, and a workforce with strong cyber security capabilities.

Cyber security is constantly evolving. Technology advancements, new vulnerabilities, persistent threats, workforce skills, community expectations and finite resources are some examples of challenges faced by decision-makers in government. 

With capabilities spanning cyber security strategies, security architecture, security documentation development, security risk assessments and technical assessments, and managing and delivering information security projects and tools, streamlining the Security Authority to Operate workflow and process automation tools. We will work with you to provide specific, tailored and measurable outcomes based on your security requirements.

What are the benefits?

Secure digital systems

Increased confidence in cyber controls

Improved visibility, efficiency and performance using digital solutions

Cyber initiative objectives achieved within budget and timeframe

How KPMG can help

  • Architecture and Engineering

    Architecture and Engineering

    Our architecture and engineering services will help you to strengthen the security of your digital systems using architectural frameworks appropriate for your enterprise environment.

    Expected outcomes:
    1. Secure by Design – scalable capabilities that balance security with business risk.
    2. Informed decision-making based on objective advice and contemporary best practice.
  • Assurance


    Our security advisory and assurance services will help you to understand your current security posture and what you can do to further protect your digital environments. We have advisors and IRAP assessors to support you.

    Expected outcomes:
    1. Independent assessment of your cyber security controls.
    2. to strengthen your cyber security posture.
  • Digital


    Our digital services will help you to gain a more efficient and empowered workforce to achieve strategic outcomes by customising powerful platforms with automated workflows and Artificial intelligence (AI).

    Expected outcomes:
    1. Enhanced information analytics, real-time decision-making and reporting.
    2. Cost savings and efficiency gains through automation and interoperability
  • Operations and Delivery

    Operations and Delivery

    Our operations and delivery teams will help you to deliver complex and long-term technological and cyber initiatives.

    Expected outcomes:
    1. Strategic and operational objectives achieved through effective project and program delivery.
    2. Uplifting your organisations cybersecurity culture, awareness and maturity through education and training.
  • IRAP Services

    Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) Services

    Our IRAP Service specialisation is to guide organisations to meet the Australian Government’s cyber security standards.

    Expected outcomes:
    1. Comprehensive Compliance: Achieve alignment with the Australian Government's cyber security control standards, ensuring your ICT solutions are robust, secure, and compliant.
    2. Enhanced Cyber Resilience: Elevate your organisation's cyber security posture through our expert-led IRAP assessments, preparing you to face emerging cyber threats confidently.

    Read more about our IRAP Services

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