KPMG provides a holistic approach to modernise your field services operations through the Frontline Operator Capability Framework. The application of this scalable framework introduces new ways of thinking and working to:

  • Improve the safety and reliability of work
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of operations
  • Drive agility through your operating model
  • Realise the full benefit of technology investments
  • Increase thorough, wide ranging, visibility and control of field services delivery.

KPMG's Frontline Operator Capability Framework

Helping organisations achieve a balanced outcome across the following four core areas:

Safe operations

Knowledge and access to best-in-class operational safety management processes and systems that achieve optimised and resilient operations.

Control of work
Process safety management
Barrier risk management
Health & safety management

Enhanced operations

Frameworks to successfully enable organisations to achieve operational standardisation, effective risk management, and nurture continuous improvement.

Customer experience
Leadership & culture
Continuous improvement

Resilient operations

The implementation of industry-leading operating model blueprints to enhance operational resilience and responsiveness to unplanned disruptions.

Delivery model

Transparent operations

Knowledge of the processes and technologies required to achieve the transparency to enable frontline operators access to the right information at the right time.

Informing & enabling
Integrated activity planning
Operations management
Service performance analysis

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