Ideating and planning for our cities and regions and their infrastructure needs is complex, as is understanding how they will grow and which projects will enhance community wellbeing and prosperity now, and into the future.

    The challenge lies in the need to balance a ‘predict and provide’ approach that addresses immediate infrastructure demands with strategic infrastructure, that has the potential to shape the future and alter demand patterns.

    Our Planning & Infrastructure Economics team can help plan for our cities and regions for now and the future by helping develop and prioritise projects that address the immediate as well as long term requirements and generate sustainable community benefits.

How KPMG can help

We offer services in the following areas:

Investment decision making

  • Strategic investment planning
  • Economic analysis and appraisal
  • Business case development
  • Funding strategy and innovation
  • Value creation and capture
  • Data visualisation and dashboards

Policy, regulation and governance

  • New agency options and establishment
  • Governance for precincts, places and infrastructure compacts
  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement
  • Performance measurement
  • Policy and regulation
  • ESG advisory services

Smart places, smart transport and future mobility

  • Electric Vehicle strategy, evaluation and data insights
  • Transport decarbonisation strategy and evaluation
  • Future mobility design, strategy and analysis (including MaaS and autonomous vehicles)

Infrastructure planning

  • Early stage project development
  • Transport and infrastructure planning
  • Demand modelling and forecasting
  • Land use modelling
  • Data analytics

Precincts, cities and regions planning

  • City deals
  • Demographic and economic modelling and planning
  • Precincts, urban and regional strategy/policy development
  • Regional economic development
  • Infrastructure strategies
  • Smart cities
  • Infrastructure coordination

The KPMG difference

Bringing together a specialist, multi-disciplinary team

Our Planning & Infrastructure Economics team has a broad range of capabilities that can be applied across sectors and asset classes including transport (rail, road and port), water, energy, natural resources, social infrastructure, real estate and placemaking.

Our advice spans strategic urban and regional planning, demand modelling and forecasting, long-term infrastructure planning, prioritisation and economic appraisal.

We apply skills and capabilities from a variety of disciplines, including:
  • Planning
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Urban design
  • Property

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