What is KPMG’s Embedded ESG?

KPMG's Embedded ESG has been developed to assist clients with integrating ESG values into their organisation's strategic performance management practices, acting as an enabler to navigate ESG challenges and leverage future ESG opportunities. The tool is built on BOARD's Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) technology, enabling insights on ESG measurement and performance in the context of an organisation's total value creation landscape.

Embedded ESG has been designed to enable the integration of ESG across your organisational performance management to enhance your budgeting and forecasting, strategic target setting and capital allocation.

How Embedded ESG helps you increase your ESG performance

Improved business insight and decision making

A simple way to visualise your financial and non-financial performance against your ESG strategies, allowing you to monitor and take action on ESG performance.

Dynamic measurement and management of goals and performance

Built within an integrated FP&A platform, the tool allows tracking of target vs actual metrics with drill downs at increased intervals.

Integrated business and financial planning across all functions and domains

Embedding ESG within your performance management across the planning, budgeting and forecasting cycle enables more thoughtful capital allocation.

Alignment of behaviours and actions with strategic objectives

Utilising the KPMG Diamond Model, the tool creates a whole of organisation strategic framework to enable a unified view of organisational performance, including ESG.

Simplifying ESG transformation

Bringing ESG transformation to life is a complex undertaking. Our platform, along with our ESG specialists, can help you overcome your ESG challenges.

How do we do this?

Solid ESG strategies and metrics

We will help you define your organisational ESG strategy (including KPIs and KRIs) and ensure they align to leading practice.

Well defined financial and non-financial data requirements

We will work with you to determine your data requirements to enable measurement and reporting against your organisational ESG strategy.

Building your ESG future state

We will assist with the development of your ESG future state design, which can then be aligned to leading practice within your industry or sector.

Resource and capability alignment

Resource capacity and capability will help the continued embedding of ESG in your performance management practices.

Why work with KPMG?

A trusted ESG transformation partner

With our capabilities and experience, our Embedded ESG team can partner with you to achieve transformational change, bringing insight into the way you make decisions regarding ESG strategic capital allocation decision making, performance against strategy and reporting on ESG outcomes.

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