Business Transformation

Business Transformation

We provide the understanding and insight to help our clients safely navigate the business transformation journey across sector, function or geography.

We help our clients safely navigate the business transformation journey.

A large transformational project or program can signify new opportunities for an organisation. It can also spell a multitude of pitfalls. Getting it right is critical.

How we can help

At KPMG we provide the understanding and insight – together with the backbone of tools and software – to help our clients safely and adeptly navigate the transformation journey. Whatever the sector, function or geography, we can help organisations to avoid the major causes of failure.

Our support begins at the earliest stages of a project or program. We help our clients to build their business case justification, offering indispensable tools and services around customer insights, market research, business case development, stakeholder and value management, as estimated benefits realisation. We offer a market leading approach to top down planning, enabling our clients to accurately size and cost their program of work.

Perhaps the single biggest cause of transformation failure is poor planning, structuring, setup and mobilisation. Our large program experience, Project Management Office and governance toolsets, help our clients to create robust plans and to mobilise for successful execution.

Most transformations are relentlessly complex whether they involve rolling out an incubated business, undertaking a major platform upgrade or implementing a major policy reform. Delivery can be fraught with replans and unexpected major budget impacts.

To help clients avoid these pitfalls, we have a core set of project managers and directors who work with all of KPMG’s service networks to assemble the right team, the right approach, and the right delivery capability for any given transformational project or program.

At the same time, we provide a range of required skills, methods and tools to cover major risk areas. These include:

  • our packaged PMO service capability
  • data migration
  • change management
  • organisation design
  • culture change
  • technology delivery
  • testing assistance
  • strategy and planning
  • program assurance
  • process design
  • LEAN
  • cost optimisation.

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