KPMG and ServiceNow

Improving digital experiences with modern workflows

Organisations are facing growing demands for accelerated and agile service delivery, enhanced employee experiences, and improved service delivery across the front, middle and back-office functions.

KPMG, along with ServiceNow, can help to automate, modernise and streamline your service management and enterprise risk workflows by creating visibility and unlocking productivity. Working together, we can help improve efficiency and reduce costs, while enabling the flexibility needed to meet your evolving needs.

KPMG and ServiceNow combine leading technologies, deep industry expertise, and intelligent design to help make your organisation digitally savvy, interconnected, and easy to navigate.

Working with KPMG allows you to increase organisational transparency and collaborate to forge intelligent strategies that enhance your investments, create great experiences, and unleash modern advancements to transform your business for today and tomorrow.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

KPMG offers functional and technical expertise to deliver powerful transformation programs that improve the quality, reliability and cost efficiency of IT service management capabilities with the ServiceNow platform.

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Improve management of your IT asset portfolio by automating the IT asset lifecycle with KPMG and ServiceNow ITAM, gaining visibility into asset locations, users and costs.

Cyber Security Operations (SecOps)

KPMG can help leverage the ServiceNow platform to balance security goals with IT performance, promote collaboration across teams, enhance visibility, and gain management support.

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

Optimise return on investment by aligning strategies, investments and outcomes. With ServiceNow SPM, KPMG can help empower leaders to strategically focus, fund and track work where it matters.

Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

Assess controls, monitor compliance, and make informed decisions to address potential risks effectively. KPMG supported by the ServiceNow platform, can elevate risk management processes to meet evolving compliance requirements using leading practice.

HR Service Delivery (HRSD)

Improve the employee service experience by automating HR interactions and providing a single platform for all HR services, powered by ServiceNow technology. Benefit from KPMG’s functional expertise to design digital experiences that help you attract and retain top talent.

Global Business Services (GBS)

Elevate efficiency and service delivery across your entire organisation, utilising ServiceNow to consolidate traditionally separate internal operational service functions into a unified experience delivered via a single support organisation.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Deliver a consistent, streamlined experience from request to receipt of services for all corporate services across the breadth of your enterprise.

Customer Service Management (CSM)

Provide seamless customer experiences by leveraging ServiceNow to connect departments, streamline workflows, and prevent issues proactively, while reducing the number of cases that need to be handled by agents.

Procurement Operations Management

Streamline legacy procurement processes by unifying employee portals on ServiceNow. KPMG can assist your procurement professionals access analytics and intelligent automation, freeing up their time for more strategic priorities.

Finance Workflow Optimisation

Connect teams, streamline workflows, and integrate systems while ensuring robust security. Leverage KPMG’s deep functional and finance sector knowledge to embrace and navigate digital business transformation.

Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

KPMG’s expertise and holistic approach enables organisations risk management transformation. By better managing your risks, organisations can reliably achieve objectives – helping to inspire the trust of your stakeholders and creating a platform for responsible growth, bold innovation and sustainable advances in performance and efficiency.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

KPMG and ServiceNow help organisations gain visibility and transparency across their ESG initiatives by providing a tailored strategy, supported by a strong governance and reporting framework, all on one technology platform.

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

Optimise return on investment by aligning strategies, investments and outcomes. With ServiceNow SPM, KPMG can help empower leaders to strategically focus, fund and track work where it matters.

Our services

KPMG professionals leverage leading practice to help clients with the supply, implementation and optimisation of ServiceNow's leading digital workflow platform.

ServiceNow Platform Strategy

  • Combined strategic design and implementation
  • Learn from our own successful ERP transformation
  • Strategic planning compatible with modern delivery methods

Build & Implement

  • Certified implementation experts and business process expertise
  • Delivery quality assurance framework
  • Organisational change management to enable transformation
  • Frameworks for continuous improvement and sustainability

Architect & Design

  • Global and local ServiceNow Certified Master Architects
  • Custom application design using best practices
  • Leverage the platform for maximum value 
  • Frameworks for continuous improvement and sustainability

Optimise platform

  • Platform stability
  • Accurate license usage
  • Easily onboard new functionality
  • Improved value and superior service delivery

ServiceNow credentials

ServiceNow Partner Global Elite
2023 Worldwide Partner Award Winner
2022 Global Partner Award Winner
2021 Global Partner Award Winner

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