Competition for capital in today’s environment is fierce, and investors are increasingly focusing on how organisations are creating sustainable long-term value, including how they are responding to changes in their external environment and managing new and emerging risks and opportunities. They are looking for organisations to provide a more holistic picture of how they manage both the financial and non-financial resources and relationships to create long-term enterprise value.

There’s worldwide momentum towards better business reporting, which is all about companies telling their value story. Businesses that make the transition towards improved communication with the capital markets stand to reap significant benefits, both now and in the future.

KPMG’s Better Business Reporting Group is at the forefront of business reporting developments worldwide. We help businesses set corporate reporting strategies, determine and blueprint effective reports portfolios, improve and consolidate what’s already being reported, and integrate ESG/sustainability reporting with financial reporting to present a more complete picture of the business, its performance and future prospects in a changing environment. 

Each year, the results of our analysis point to an evolution in corporate reporting with leading companies embracing an approach that goes beyond financial value, clearly and credibly articulating for their stakeholders how current and future strategic plans will underpin long-term, sustainable enterprise value.

KPMG Corporate Reporting Trends 2022

What’s your story?

Better business reporting aims to overcome the limitations of today’s business reporting model by incorporating forward-looking, strategic key performance indicators and using management commentary as an opportunity to bring this together. 

Companies must consider two key questions:

What’s the story you want to tell?


How are you going to tell it?

These questions will guide a more effective way of narrative reporting, which helps investors understand the organisation’s strategy to responsibly use its scarce resources and relationships to create and sustain value over the short, medium and long term.

The benefits of better business reporting

The outcome for better business reporting is the development of a flagship business report that fully integrates critical business performance information, traditional financial reporting, management commentary and ESG/sustainability reporting. 

The report allows external analysts, investors and others to make informed judgements about the entity’s prospects. 

The key benefits include:

  • more relevant and streamlined reporting internally and to the market
  • improved access to and cost of capital
  • more efficient and effective capital allocation
  • more responsible and sustainable business decisions
  • reduced reporting costs
  • enhanced organisational strategic focus and clarity, as well as breaking down internal silos

How we can support you

We provide tailored assistance to help you on your journey to better business reporting based on our deep sector expertise, knowledge of best practice and globally recognised reporting frameworks such as the IFRS Foundation’s International Integrated Reporting Framework and the IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards.

Our approach is designed to help you streamline reporting, clarify your value story, and develop a corporate reporting strategy and so design an efficient and effective reports portfolio that easily incorporates change.

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