Helping clients accelerate the application and commercialisation of research, science and technology.

In the competitive world of manufacturing, business owners and executives are often frustrated by the speed of commercialising ideas. We use a practical and commercial approach, working with business to accelerate your business growth. Our team have worked within manufacturing and research organisations for many years and use their extensive experience, research and insights to develop methods and tools to simplify commercialising an idea. 

Build it bigger, better, faster

The faster you can develop and commercialise your ideas and bring them to market, the greater your competitive advantage and the more likely you are to be successful and grow your business and your market. Equally important is how you recognise, value and protect your valuable intellectual property (IP). 

We can help you 

  • Increase the pace of innovation by increasing your innovation capacity and improving performance.
  • Keep you and your teams aligned and solutions focused. 
  • Identify collaborative research opportunities with universities and research service providers.
  • Develop your innovation and IP strategy – boosting innovation and accelerating your organisation’s efforts to grow towards the future.

Meet the team

Our team can help with all aspects, from locating the best opportunities for your company, to submission advisory services, to helping you understand how best to target your responses, to fully outsourced application preparation. KPMG’s broad network of experts enables us to directly engage with government bodies and treasury departments to access non-traditional funding opportunities as well.

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