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KPMG’s Accelerating Business Growth team specialises in helping industry understand and access government incentives. 

For instance the R&D Tax Incentive is the government’s principal program to support businesses to invest in R&D. It provides R&D tax offsets over and above the applicable tax rate where the amount you receive depends on a range of factors (e.g. entity type, ownership and turnover, level and location of R&D being undertaken, etc.). As a result, the benefit could be as much as a cash refund of 43.5 percent on the eligible R&D spend through to an 8.5 percent tax credit where the business is large, and its R&D spend is low. We can help you understand and access this support, including for technology-based improvements to processes, products and services that are often overlooked as they occur outside traditional product development or R&D departments.

Unlock growth

Review your current and historic R&D claims to assess eligibility and alignment with legislative requirements.

Assist in the submission of advance or overseas findings to give your business greater certainty of the future eligibility of activities and expenditure.

Understand how different tax incentives and grants interact with each other to ensure you are optimising all available government incentives.

R&D Tax Premium Calculator

Find out the potential financial benefits that can be realised through the Australian R&D Tax Incentive Program using our tool below.

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* This calculator is based on the law as of June 2021 and any estimates above are based on the limited information that you have provided. It should not be relied upon as a true representation of any actual tax offsets or final outcomes, which will be based on your specific circumstances and ultimately will be determined by the Australian Taxation Office and AusIndustry, a division of Industry Innovation and Science Australia. To the extent permitted by law, no liability is accepted by KPMG, it’s affiliated entities, partners, officers and employees for any loss or damage arising, directly or indirectly from your use of this calculator.

Considerations for your industry and the R&D Tax Incentive

Our team has extensive industry experience and diverse technical backgrounds such as science, information technology, engineering, law, taxation and accounting. We work shoulder to shoulder with you to understand the programs and to identify eligible activities while helping you to meet the regulatory compliance obligations. This is achieved through a real-time approach to claims – a bespoke process tailored to how your business works and designed to better track and collate R&D information as you conduct your R&D activities.

Grants and Incentives

As a growing business, you recognise how invaluable non-dilutive funding can be to help you get to that next stage of your business’ best future. The Australian federal and state governments offer a range of targeted incentives to help you get there, and KPMG’s Accelerating Business Growth team is experienced at enhancing your chances of a successful application to these incentives. We have assisted many businesses in accessing government funding to achieve stronger and quicker growth for the future. We can also assist in negotiating discretionary funding opportunities, identifying sources of industry funding or accessing other forms of government funding.

Seeking grants and incentives

Business activities resulting in job creation, adoption of advanced manufacturing processes and exports and import replacement, will be highly regarded as the nation seeks to rebuild the economy following COVID-19 and help to enhance its sovereign capability. 

However, accessing government incentives can be challenging, time consuming and highly competitive. Programs can also change rapidly and the identification of key opportunities that are strategically aligned to a business requires knowledge of how to access the information, time to research your company’s competitive advantage and then prepare a detailed response. A strong application is vital to success in securing grants.

Finding success

We are experienced in assisting with the identification and the securing of government incentives and liaising with federal and state government agencies to improve the chances of success for you. Our historic performance across key grant programs demonstrates that our clients have been many times more likely to be successful with our support. We have supported all types of businesses from early-stage high growth businesses through to multi-national corporations in many different industry sectors.

We can help with all aspects of accelerating your business growth, from locating the best opportunities for your business, to innovation advisory services, to identifying and accessing sources of government funding (whether via tax incentives, grants or other). KPMG’s broad network of specialists enables us to directly engage with government bodies and treasury departments to access non-traditional funding opportunities as well.

Meet the team

Our team can help with all aspects, from locating the best opportunities for your company, to submission advisory services, to helping you understand how best to target your responses, to fully outsourced application preparation. KPMG’s broad network of experts enables us to directly engage with government bodies and treasury departments to access non-traditional funding opportunities as well.

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