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Innovating is hard. Especially when funds are tight. 

Accelerating Business Growth assists you in funding your innovation and growth plans so you can reach your future faster.

Organisations that invest in innovation, including research and development (R&D), can create returns for their business and assist in creating long-term value and competitive advantage for the Australian economy. KPMG’s Accelerating Business Growth team has broad experience in helping companies access support through tax incentives, grants and other sources of funding. We can assist you to develop an enhanced innovation and growth program that leverages government support.

Accelerating Business Growth offers four strategic advantages

Industry understanding

Our team has decades of collective industry experience. We can assist you to prepare responses and secure funding from the most valuable incentive programs in Australia.

Specialist knowledge

Our team features specialists with diverse technical knowledge and qualifications. It includes engineers, scientists, IT specialists, lawyers and accountants that understand your business and it’s competitive position. 

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Regulator engagement

Our regular contact with policy makers and program administrators keeps us at the forefront of the latest guidance and requirements and allowing us to provide valuable industry feedback.

KPMG’s local and global network

Access our local capabilities such as financial modelling, tax structuring, government relations or even our high growth venture team. In addition, our global network means we can help you, wherever you are and wherever you want to go. 

Our services

Learn more about the services we offer, and which will provide the best value for your organisation.

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