Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

KPMG’s joint venture and alliance team help clients create partnerships, unlock value from existing alliances or successfully exit if required.

KPMG’s joint venture and alliances team help to create partnerships, unlock value or exit.

Our team of joint venture and alliance practitioners help our clients create successful partnerships, unlock value from existing alliances and exit if no feasible alternatives exist.

We support businesses from pre-deal strategy and partner identification through to implementation and governance of a joint venture. We draw on our global resources to help form connections, as well as share our deep insight into the strategic, financial, operational and legal implications in creating and setting up a joint venture or alliance.

We help our clients understand the implications of the business combination and help ensure long-term maintenance and exit strategies are an early consideration in the creation phase. We also assist with:

  • Joint venture logic: Developing and understanding alliance strategy including key objectives for entering into a partnership, options appraisal, opportunity evaluation and deal negotiation. Assistance with joint venture ‘health checks’ to diagnose issues and design solutions to reset, optimise or inform an exit decision in relation to problematic alliance relationships.
  • Joint venture governance: Design and review of joint venture governance and reporting functions to ensure they are meeting their objectives.
  • Joint venture operating model: Partnership design to ensure a successful operational partnership is delivered.
  • Joint venture project management office: Plans for successful implementation, helping to design and mobilise implementation plans, protect business continuity, and integrate existing business processes affected by the joint venture.

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