Risk Strategy & Technology

Risk Strategy & Technology

KPMG’s Risk Strategy & Technology team helps clients with the design and transformation of their governance and enterprise risk management frameworks.

Our Risk Strategy & Technology team helps with governance and risk management frameworks.

Corporate risk management and risk functions have to evolve, innovate, challenge traditions, push boundaries and step up alongside frontline managers in order to steer organisations through a constantly changing and evolving technology driven world. After years of boosting resources to meet continual regulatory changes, all eyes are now focused on how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Risk management – how to embed the appropriate level of risk management and risk culture across the business.

How we can help

KPMG’s Risk Strategy & Technology team brings together risk specialists with specific industry and technology expertise, working with clients to:

  • evolve governance and risk frameworks
  • link strategy to corporate level and operational risks
  • utilise the best technology solutions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprise risk management approach including our Powered Risk offering. Powered Risk is KPMG’s solution for agile risk and compliance transformation. We integrate our forward-looking view of risk management and deep industry knowledge with leading cloud technology to enhance your risk and compliance functions. This delivers better insights for business decisions, mitigates exposures, and provides quicker risk and compliance implementation than traditional approaches.
  • embed the chosen risk appetite and culture with in the business.

We also help organisations with the following services.

  • Assessing regulatory risk framework requirements.
  • Treasury as a service: treasury outsource services focusing on strategy, deal execution, exposure and derivative risk management, valuation and related accounting.
  • Risk as a Service offering including a KPMG managed Global GRC platform with the ability for clients to source aspects of the risk and risk management process – Risk Hub.
  • Transformation of the risk function to align with organisational priorities.
  • Execution of Dynamic Risk Assessment process identifying the connectivity of strategic risks.
  • A range of digital business applications to support our clients risk management and compliance processes.

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