Release the opportunity – manage risks to drive your business forward


+ Identify, mitigate, and manage risks

+ Drive sustainable growth

+ Create a resilient organisation

Taking risks is part of business – developing new products, going into new markets, acquiring new customers – it's how you grow.

A well-protected enterprise has the potential to be the most confident and disruptive innovator on the block – and ultimately maintain stakeholder trust.

With economic uncertainty, digital disruption, cyber security threats, ESG and a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape – status quo is no longer an option.

To be competitive, companies need a dynamic, tech-enabled approach to risk management in order to move faster, act decisively, and be bolder and braver in today's fast-changing conditions.

KPMG Powered Risk

Driving sustainable change - improved business performance, informed decision-making & lasting capabilities

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To release the opportunity, organisations need to transform

Organisations need to modernise through tech-enabled solutions. KPMG’s Powered Risk is designed to support the risk transformation your business needs to answer market and regulatory challenges, at a pace that can enable rather than hinder your business.

Risk can be a value creation function when its management is integrated into the whole business.

This shift in mindset, along with frameworks and operating models, allow a business to focus on protect and grow strategies, strategies that require risk management to be understood as the key to agility, innovation and brand differentiation.

Risks your sector may be facing

Risks you may be facing

Brand & reputation

Consumer trust

Crime & cyber security

Cyber security

Environment & geopolitical


ESG and climate risk


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