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Easy, reliable and cost-effective Governance, Risk and Compliance that enables insightful, risk-based decisions and enhanced business performance.

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Risk management crosses the breadth of an organisation - product, cyber, financial, ESG, operational risk, and incident management to name a few. But overseeing and reporting on risk can be a drain on resources, where not having the right tools in place can be a risk in itself.

KPMG Risk Hub provides a holistic view of risks, integrating information and data across all levels of the business through an interactive, cloud-based technology solution for real-time risk management.

In a global alliance with IBM®, KPMG provides this complete managed risk service at a flexible and scalable level that meets your business's unique needs. With its integrated data, effective reporting and powerful analytics, KPMG Risk Hub helps leaders make insightful risk-based decisions to enhance business performance.

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GRC driven benefits

With integrated data and advanced analytics, KPMG Risk Hub helps you make insightful, risk-based decisions to optimise business performance, identify risk gaps, support ESG reporting, empower frontline teams and build connectivity across the breadth of the business.

  • Cost effective

    No implementation costs. Flexible and scalable pricing.

  • Improved decision-making

    Real-time, holistic, trusted risk reporting and insights.

  • Specialist support

    Experienced GRC support at every step of your risk journey.

  • Peace of mind

    Enables compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

  • More efficiency

    Single view of data, no need for manual risk reporting.

  • Easy to use

    Simple, intuitive risk management tool with an interactive dashboard and in-built help.

How KPMG Risk Hub works

KPMG Risk Hub enables organisations to have greater oversight and insights, forming an integrated view of risk, compliance, events and controls.

  • Powered by IBM® with KPMG risk support

    Built on proven industry leading* GRC solution IBM® OpenPages®, KPMG Risk Hub offers a simplified and intuitive portal, that guides users for the efficient capturing and management of risk and compliance activities.

    Implementation, training and support is provided by KPMG's risk professionals, enabling in-house risk teams to focus on adding value into the business.

    *Market leading in Gartner's Magic Quadrant Report.

  • Integrated artificial intelligence

    IBM's Watson® AI solution helps unlock the power of data. Information is integrated across every level of the business through a cloud-based solution enabling immediate risk mitigation.

    Access a holistic view of reliable insights across risks, controls, obligations, and issues in real-time for management reporting.

  • Advanced business intelligence

    KPMG Risk Hub's integrated data, automated activity monitoring and advanced analytics provide better insights for improved decision-making and peace of mind. Included is a suite of insight and intelligence reports from KPMG's industry leaders and GRC professionals which can be easily created from a template or edited to suit your needs.

    Leaders can have confidence that compliance is achieved, risks are mitigated, and corporate policies and procedures are enforced.

Intuitive risk management

Optimise business growth and manage risk with professional support at every step.

Business support Your team is our team;
KPMG provides ongoing business
and technical help desk support.
Data management A managed service providing
efficient and quality data services.
Industry-specific risk capabilities Connect to reliable risk information
tailored to your industry.
System management Continuous functionality improvements
and regular software upgrades.
Risk and compliance reporting Suite of pre-built reports plus
self-service reporting powered by
IBM® Cognos® Analytics with Watson®.
Training Bespoke training along with
standard e-learning modules.
Technology enablement Australian hosted cloud GRC solution
available 24/7,
managed and maintained by KPMG.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Implementation
    How long does it take to implement KPMG Risk Hub?

    Implementation takes as little as a few weeks, depending on the volume of data, training needs and breadth of the onboarding.

    How much does it cost to implement KPMG Risk Hub?

    There are no implementation costs for KPMG Risk Hub.

    What is required from me during implementation? What support do we need to provide?

    We will guide your team through the Risk Hub onboarding process and work with you to gather risk data and map your risk management processes to the solution followed by training and testing before implementation sign-off. As KPMG host, maintain and administer the solution for you, your time investment is very minimal.

    What will I need to do for ongoing system maintenance?

    Nothing. Once KPMG Risk Hub is implemented, you use the solution to help manage risk, with no time needed to be spent on system maintenance.

  • Benefits
    What are the benefits of KPMG Risk Hub?

    KPMG Risk Hub provides a single, whole-of-organisation view of risks, integrating information and data across all levels of the business through an interactive, cloud-based technology solution enabling real-time risk management. With its integrated data and advanced analytics, KPMG Risk Hub helps leaders make insightful risk-based decisions to enhance business performance.

    Is KPMG Risk Hub cost-effective?

    Pricing is flexible and scalable according to your needs and fees are charged monthly on a pay as you go basis. The monthly rate includes the full managed service, support from your dedicated risk professional and full integration of IBM® Cognos® Analytics with Watson® AI.

    Is KPMG Risk Hub easy to use?

    Yes. KPMG Risk Hub is simple to use and navigate for the end-user through a highly simplified task-focused interface. There is in-built guidance for specific tasks and the help desk is only a phone call away.

  • Licencing & Pricing
    How much does it cost?

    KPMG Risk Hub has a similar annual cost of one risk professional. You get access to a cutting-edge cloud-based GRC solution (IBM® OpenPages®) and you only pay for the number of users, with no implementation costs.

    We'd like to provide a cost estimate upfront, however, cost will depend on the size of your organisation and how you will use the solution. Please fill in the contact form and we will come back to you.

    How does the access and pricing work across a global solution for a managed service?
    For example, can full access users see data from both the Australian and Singapore locations?

    Yes, a client has access to all their data. You decide who can see which data and access will be applied at the relevant location in the organisational structure accordingly.

  • Technical
    Where is the data stored and processed?

    The data is stored and processed in Australia.

    What technical measures are in place to protect data?

    The system operates on secure infrastructure within KPMG's global cloud platform One Platform, hosted on Microsoft Azure.

    All users of the solution must have an authorised licence. The solution does not hold any personal data of users other than their user ID and password.

    Can I access KPMG Risk Hub with a single sign on?

    Yes. KPMG Risk Hub is available with single sign on.

    Do I need technical resources in-house to support KPMG Risk Hub?

    No. KPMG implement, operate and maintain KPMG Risk Hub for you.

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