Improving the management of physical asset portfolios, as well as new and existing infrastructure is a major focus for asset-intensive businesses faced with the challenge of how their assets can deliver more for stakeholders while balancing cost, risk and performance.

Maturity assessments are used to understand the effectiveness of an organisation’s asset management system, as well as help comply with certification and regulatory requirements.

KPMG has extensive experience in assessing asset management maturity across a range of industries and supporting clients in prioritising investments to enhance asset value and business performance through aligning to relevant best practice.

Introducing KPMG's Asset Management Business Assessor

KPMG's cloud-based asset management assessment tool reduces the effort required to confidently understand current performance and track improvements over time.

KPMG’s Asset Management Business Assessor provides analysis for robust assessments, transforming a standard time and resource intensive process into a data-driven analytics engine.

The tool offers several levels of automation and a range of evidence collection options to ensure complete traceability and repeatability, and is used in both KPMG-led reviews and guided client self-assessments. Future releases will soon include extensive benchmarking options and automated parsing of documentation using natural language processing and machine learning to drive greater efficiency.

Example of KPMG's Asset Management Business Assessor tool

The benefits

KPMG’s Asset Management Business Assessor provides a transparent system for collection and storage of assessments and evidence.

 Align evidence collection to multiple standards for benchmarking options across sectors.

Automatically produce compliance reports for regulators and certification bodies.

Coordination and collation of assessments and evidence into one transparent package.

Opportunities for analysis and improvement in organisational processes.

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