Corporate Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence can help clients make informed business decisions by providing integrity due diligence, investigation and litigation support.

We help clients make informed business decisions by providing integrity due diligence.

Corporate intelligence is an invaluable aid to sound business decision making. It provides vital information on current and future business partners and other matters when organisations want to reduce risk, enter new markets, solve corporate problems, undertake investigations and enhance business opportunities.

Companies often seek corporate intelligence prior to entering into investments, joint ventures and acquisitions.

It can be crucial in doing business in emerging offshore markets where reliable information on individuals and organisations can be scarce. It complements and augments the financial and legal due diligence undertaken by mainstream advisers.

"The diverse skills and experience of our practitioners combined with their networks and access to global resources provides you with invaluable corporate intelligence to support your business agenda."

How we can help

KPMG's Corporate Intelligence services include:

  • integrity due diligence 
  • investigation support 
  • litigation support.

Our global network of corporate intelligence practitioners locate, collect and analyse information from public and confidential sources around the world.

They come from a range of backgrounds, including investigative journalism, political risk analysis, forensic accounting, private investigation and police intelligence. They undertake sensitive assignments in both established and emerging markets. They combine years of practical experience with robust quality assurance procedures.

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