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KPMG Makinson Cowell advises companies on their interaction with institutional investors.

KPMG Makinson Cowell advises companies on their interaction with institutional investors.

Building long-term trusted relationships between the board of directors and shareholders is vital to the success of a business.

Shareholders underpin the future growth of the business, both in terms of approval of major strategic moves, and provision of capital where required. Equally, their perceptions of the business influence the share price, and their views on governance determine the outcome of the AGM.

Significant strategic, financial and governance risks arise if shareholder perceptions are not close to boardroom reality.

How well do all your company’s directors know the shareholders’ opinions on key strategic, operational, financial, valuation and governance issues?

How we can help

KPMG Makinson Cowell is a specialist in advising companies on their interaction with institutional investors. It has a 25-year track record in the UK, and currently advises 40 percent of the companies in the FTSE100, as well as a range of European and Australian listed companies.

Investor Study
KPMG Makinson Cowell’s Investor Study is a unique offering in Australia. It helps to reinforce the direct relationship between your company’s board of directors and its institutional investors worldwide.

The Investor Study is a comprehensive, impartial assessment of the company’s standing in the capital markets, comprising four components:

  1. Detailed, non-attributable, qualitative interviews with institutional investors worldwide, typically covering a range of topics including strategy, operational performance, balance sheet, cash flow, capital allocation, management, board and governance, investment case, valuation.
  2. Quantitative assessment of the company’s performance and valuation, in absolute terms and relative to peers and the capital markets.
  3. Analysis of the ownership of the company, with contextual comment.
  4. Review of the company’s investor relations program, with reference to those conducted by an appropriate comparator group.

We take a tailored approach to each client’s current situation and strategic ambition. Our study ascertains institutional understanding of, and attitudes about a particular company, and analyses its standing relative to peer companies and to the equity market as a whole.

The Investor Study gives the board a clear picture of how their company is viewed by the financial community, what the reaction to future strategic moves might be, and how their relationships with shareholders and potential investors could be strengthened.

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