Understanding and responding to the human rights, social impacts and associated risks and opportunities relevant to your business can be complex and daunting.

Yet investors, customers and other stakeholders are asking increasingly sophisticated and challenging questions about a whole range of social issues and performance related to your business.

Failure to identify and manage these issues can erode trust, result in reputational damage and exposure to legal and commercial risk. As a result, human rights and social risks are becoming mainstreamed on the corporate agenda and can affect an organisation’s strategy, governance and risk frameworks.

How KPMG can help

KPMG works with clients to help identify and understand the human rights and social impacts affecting businesses.

We work with organisations to understand these complex issues, risks and opportunities and to develop and implement practical responses to embed within existing processes and systems. 

We help you develop a meaningful understanding of your stakeholders’ expectations and realise opportunities to create positive change.

Our clients’ needs in the areas of human rights and social impacts are often unclear or complex. That is why our approach is to constructively challenge so we get to the heart of what you need. With that shared understanding we can co-create the approach and change that addresses those needs. We work with you to help your business create a more sustainable future.

Services we offer

KPMG Human Rights & Social Impact services include:

Identifying, evaluating and improving social impacts

Managing ethical sourcing and labour practice risks and opportunities in the supply chain, from modern slavery to social procurement

Managing social and human rights risks in the operating context

Addressing the corporate responsibility to respect human rights

Advising on stakeholder engagement in complex contexts

Designing organisation or industry-wide strategic frameworks to strengthen social impact and earn stakeholder trust.

KPMG Human Rights & Social Impact services and insights

KPMG provides a range of services and thought leadership related to human rights & social impact.

KPMG's Human Rights & Social Impact team

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