In today’s dynamic market, organisations must be willing to transform or risk irrelevance. Enterprise-wide transformation is driven by:

  • disruptive external forces impacting both business and operating models
  • unrealised synergies or significant inefficiencies within and between business units in the portfolio
  • misalignment between stakeholder interests
  • absence of a clear financial ambition.

Transformation is not about incremental change, it requires fundamental shifts in an organisation’s value proposition, how they compete and their core operations.

Transformation is rarely straightforward and can encounter significant organisational resistance. 

How KPMG can help

KPMG Strategy helps organisations determine whether or not and to what extent transformation is genuinely required. The answer may be to innovate, refresh or accelerate along the company’s existing trajectory. However, it may instead require a step change or pivot in direction, which is where enterprise-wide transformation comes into its own.

Bringing strategic thinking and the hands-on skillsets to deliver on transformation, KPMG Strategy is distinctive in its ability to enact, rather than merely design or plan for enterprise-wide change. We help organisations address the following questions in designing, planning and implementing their enterprise-wide transformations.

  • How to refresh or shift the company’s strategy, given recent changes in the market dynamics?
  • What is the strategic response to digital disruption and enablement, including whether there is an imperative to create digital business models, a new operating culture and form partnerships with accelerators?
  • How to improve internal/external perception of the business and alignment between the ambition, business and operating models?
  • How to manage the portfolio and improve the role of the corporate centre?
  • What are the intended and unintended consequences to the wider whole of decisions in each unit or in one part of the business or operating model?
  • How strong is the company’s readiness to execute transformation and what challenges likely await on that journey?

KPMG Strategy’s approach provides the overarching framework for multi-year strategic planning, capital allocation, portfolio and synergy assessments, scenario planning, corporate centre redesigns, and other modularised enterprise-wide services.

KPMG Strategy’s approach to enterprise-wide transformation connects a clear ambition to actionable results. It takes a holistic view on value creation, draws on rich data and insight, and applies strong commercial rigour alongside stakeholder centric design. This delivers a clear path from today to realise the strategy and aligns the organisation to deliver it.

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