Governance is a key enabler of trust, helping to build and enhance resilience whilst delivering positive impacts ethically and transparently.

With diverse and volatile challenges facing organisations, it’s imperative to revisit governance frameworks, processes and procedures.

Regulators and the public demand greater oversight and accountability for good governance. This is creating an opportunity for organisations to enhance governance to benefit the following:

  • Resilience – adapt and respond to changing conditions and challenges.
  • Impact – achieve positive outcomes for your organisation, your stakeholders, and communities.
  • Capability and conduct – maintain and deepen social licence to operate supported by skills and behaviours aligned to ethical and trustworthy conduct.

How KPMG can help

Our Governance & Board Advisory team can help you build resilient governance practices.

Whether you’re establishing a new entity, undertaking a complete organisational transformation or simply wishing to enhance existing strategies, our team can support you. We will aid you to build and maintain fit-for-purpose governance models and structures, processes and capabilities to strengthen trust in your organisation’s resilience, impacts and conduct.

Our governance advisory team comprises governance, risk and controls experts who can assist with reviewing, designing, enhancing and sustaining your governance practices, no matter where you are in your journey.


We’ll identify gaps.

  • Governance maturity assessment (including benchmarking).
  • Gap analysis against relevant governance standards (i.e. ASX, ACNC, SPS/CPS 510).
  • Review your governance model when restructure or listing.
  • Governance due diligence for M&A activities.
  • Board performance assessments (including director effectiveness and skills matrix).


We’ll help you design, build and implement.

  • Fit to purpose governance operating models for new entities or restructuring activities.
  • Key governance artefacts and policies to support your governance practices.
  • Provide ongoing governance advisory services.


We'll train you.

  • Develop and deliver induction programs for new board and committee members.
  • Design and deliver governance training to the board, committees and executives.
  • Develop and implement governance capability uplift across an organisation and its subsidiaries.

What are common challenges facing organisations?

  • The organisation has evolved, but the structures and policies or procedures have not.
  • The organisation struggles with inefficient or slow decision-making.
  • Decision making and oversight structures and roles are unclear or ineffective.
  • Boards and executives feel disconnected from the organisation.
  • Cultural issues dominate time and effort of the executive and board.
  • Delegations of authority are not aligned with risk appetite or role accountabilities.
  • Organisational conduct is not aligned to values.
  • There is evidence of over-governance (multiple meetings, multiple participants and minimal outcomes).
  • The board or executive is narrowly focused on specific issues (e.g. regulatory compliance).
  • The organisation spends a lot of time and effort reacting to emergencies or emerging issues.
  • Recurring incidents or surprises occur due to ineffective oversight, escalation and reporting.
  • Incidents and issues are resulting in increased regulatory scrutiny.

Organise your assessment

Whether you’re just starting out or have a specific governance problem to solve, we can help.

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